Burger King Germany menu leaves Twitter horrified

Burger King Germany menu ( Image via twitter)
Burger King Germany menu ( Image via twitter)

Burger King has launched a new line of intriguing burgers in Germany, and the selection is, to put it mildly, nauseating.

Burger King's current ad campaign in Germany went viral after it confused non-German speakers. The commercial displays a new Whopper menu that appears to be stomach-churning, with some unique culinary combinations.

May someone of my non-German mutuals explain German Burger King to me:

The advertisement said:

“For Mother’s Day 2022 we will make your pregnancy cravings come true in a burger”

They say that desires are natural during pregnancy and that for one day only, anyone can order one of these unique combos. The menu turned out to be fascinating. But not in the way that everyone anticipated.

Grabarz & Partner, Burger King's German firm, designed the Inventive Whoppers.

What is on the menu of Burger King Germany?

The innovative menu has caused astonishment and controversies, but mostly just confusion.

So, this what they be eating over there in Germany at Burger King??? HELL NAW.

Beef burgers were combined with a range of things such as - sausage and marinated herring, strawberry ice cream and chips for those with a sweet craving, and pancakes, ice cream, and raspberries. On the other hand, others could choose a burger with fried egg and banana or vanilla ice cream with eggs and olives.

The fast-food chain said:

"With a representative survey of (expectant) mums, company uncovered the myth surrounding pregnancy cravings.The result: pregnancy cravings are the most normal thing in the world and resistance is (almost) pointless."

The fast-food chain in Germany conducted a poll among 1,070 women between the ages of 16 and 45 to uncover the "myth" surrounding pregnancy cravings.

Fifty-eight percent of the women agreed that they had heard of the phenomenon.

Seventy-six percent also stated that resistance to pregnancy urges is often too strong to ignore.

Klaus Schmäing said:

"This brought us to the idea to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into pregnancy Whopper sandwiches. As a result, combinations like cucumber with jam or sausage with chocolate cream have been created – and expectant moms have enthusiastically tried them,"

According to the survey, women preferred cucumber, jam, fish sticks, applesauce, curry sausage, and fried herring during their pregnancy period.

After watching the video and learning about the company's Pregnancy Whooper menu, Twitter was swamped with reactions. Some were observed berating it while others tried the combos.

@MasterOtenko "what happened????""he ate from german burger king"
I now understand why everyone hates Burger King…

This innovative menu, launched by Burger King, maybe causing chaos, but it has its intentions in the right place.

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