Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti recall: Reason, states affected, and other details explored

Caesar's Pasta recalls its frozen manicotti over Listeria contamination concerns

Caesar’s Pasta, LLC has issued a nationwide recall notice for over 5,600 pounds of frozen manicotti pasta over concerns of potential Listeria contamination. The recalled pasta can cause serious to fatal infections in people with low immunity, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people with specific medical implications.

The recall was issued following a routine sampling test which indicated that the frozen manicotti packets were contaminated with Listeria monocytogene bacteria. The company and FDA are investigating the reasons behind the potential contamination, hence findings are yet to be reported.

The recalled Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti is widely used across large and small restaurants and food companies across the country. The 'ready to cook and serve' pasta is popular for its traditional flavors across the country.

Although frozen manicotti is also available for retail customers, the recalled lots were not distributed through the retail chain and couldn't be brought from regular stores.

All you need to know about Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti recall

The Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti recall affects more than 5,610 lbs of frozen manicotti pasta packed in 10-pound bulk boxes. The affected products were available under the brand names “Orefresco” and “Caesar’s Pasta,” and carry the “Best Before Date” (BBD) of September 28, 2024.

The recalled frozen manicotti did not enter the retail market, but was sold to various food service distributors and restaurants in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Southeastern New York State, and Northeastern Pennsylvania markets.

Categorized as “Not-Ready-To-Eat”, the recalled products come with detailed instructions on the package that state the correct way to cook them. Since the product is available in bulk boxes, lot codes and UPCs can't be identified at the moment.

Restaurants, food service companies, and other customers who may have bought the recalled frozen manicotti are strictly advised not to serve the pasta to customers. All stocks of the affected product must be discarded after following due diligence at the earliest.

The company has not mentioned anything about refunds for the recalled products, but customers can clear any such doubts or queries by calling Caesar’s Pasta, LLC at 856-227-2585 ext 226, from Monday through Friday.

What are the risks related to Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti recall

A recalled package of frozen manicotti (Image via Caesar's Pasta)
A recalled package of frozen manicotti (Image via Caesar's Pasta)

Recalled over the potential bacterial contamination, Caesar’s Pasta frozen manicotti can lead to serious or fatal infections when consumed. In medical terms, Listeria (Listeriosis) is an infection that is caused when people consume food that is contaminated with a bacterium called Listeria monocytogenes. It is one of the most common yet fatal infections, and affects over 1,600 people each year, out of which 250 die.

The infection has the worst effect on children and people with a weakened immune system, like pregnant women, newborn babies, and adults aged 65 or older. The CDC reports that it may take up to 70 days for the first symptoms to appear following the consumption of Listeria contaminated products.

The most common symptoms for a listeria infection are fever, flu-like symptoms, headaches, stiff necks, confusion, loss of balance, and seizures. Though most of these infections can be treated through basic medication and rest, people are still advised to consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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