“Cancel their appearance”: aespa’s fans upset with their WATERBOMB Festival schedule, especially regarding Ningning’s eye condition

aespa's fans have mixed reaction to the quartet's feature on he 2023 WATERBOMB Festival lineup (Image via Twitter/waterbomb_seoul)

Fans of aespa voiced their discontent with the group’s announcement as a performing artist at the upcoming 2023 WATERBOMB Festival. The concern arose from two important things that fans pointed out. The back-to-back travel with limited barely one day of rest and Ningning’s eye condition were major reasons for concern among fans. In an interview with Vogue earlier, the rapper revealed that she barely has any vision in her right eye.

A major part of the WATERBOMB Festival is water gun fights with each other. It includes water canons as well. The festival had previously seen multiple performing artists addressing the issue of water guns being pointed straight into their eyes and their faces.

Due to the several reasons pointed out by fans, it was natural that many requested that SM Entertainment and the WATERBOMB Festival organizers take care of the artists. Some also demanded that the agency give aespa rest days before making them perform at the festival.

Fans are majorly upset to see aespa making their debut at the 2023 WATERBOMB Festival amidst hectic schedules

Spicy singers aespa will be making their debut at the 2023 WATERBOMB Festival. While it was a cause of celebration to many, it was also a genuine cause of concern for some. The WATERBOMB Festival usually hosts an impressive number of Korean artists and the veterans include artists such as JESSI, Zico, and Jay Park, among others.

However, despite fans anticipating an impressive performance by aespa, many expressed various concerns surrounding it. Fans expressed their disappointment with the idol group’s management team as the date of the festival, June 25, was right after their concert in Jakarta on June 24.

Fans mentioned that it indicated that the Spicy singers would not be getting enough rest as they will have to perform soon after they travel all the way from Indonesia.

Another cause of concern was aespa member Ningning’s decreased vision. In an interview with Vogue China released in March, the Japanese rapper shared that she carried around eye drops since she can barely see from her right eye. She lost the majority of her vision in the right eye during her childhood due to surgery.

Fans pointed out how difficult performing would be considering the WATERBOMB Festival includes water guns and water canons. The visibility will naturally decrease when one’s face is covered with water. Some fans also raised doubts about the singers’ clothing and hoped that the front rows would have female instead of male fans.

In other recent news, all four members of aespa opened their personal Instagram accounts a few weeks ago. The group also achieved impressive results with their recent comeback album titled MY WORLD by becoming the fastest K-pop girl group to become double million-sellers.

The quartet also broke the record for highest first-week sales by any female artist in Hanteo’s history by raking in 1,698,784 sales.

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