"This is heartbreaking": Fans concerned as aespa's Ningning reveals her poor vision in an interview with Vogue China

aespa's ningning reveals the severity of her eye vision in an interview with VOGUE China (Image via Instagram/aespa_official)

The 20-year-old Chinese member of aespa, Ningning, recently shared the severity of her eye injury in VOGUE China’s In the Bag interview.

In an interview published on YouTube on March 14, 2023, Ningning showed eye drops as one of her carry bag essentials. Speaking about it in detail, she shared that she “barely” has any vision in her right eye. The singer added that she had an operation when she was a kid, which is also why she keeps the drops with her to protect her eyes from getting dry.

As translated by Twitter account @endearning, the 20-year-old singer said:

“My eyesight isn’t very good, Iahad an operation when I was younger. Iacan barely see anything in this eye (right eye). This is a secret. So I carry eye drops with me to make sure they are not dry and to protect my eye

As it happened, fans took to Twitter to express their concern over the singer's eye health while also praising her for being strong and showcasing her hard work on and off stage.

Fans get concerned as aespa’s Ningning talks about her poor vision due to a past surgery

Fans share a strong bond with K-pop idols, who also do their best to keep it afloat. From uploading photos with personal captions, communicating directly with them by sending messages on paid platforms, to giving it their all on stage, idols hardly spare any effort to keep their fans up-to-date with themselves.

It is this same line of work that, in turn, makes fans worry about their health. After aespa’s Ningning revealed the intensity of her eye injury, fans naturally began pouring supportive messages for her online. She shared the "secret" in an In The Bag segment of VOGUE China, released on March 14.


A stage stage presence in the K-pop industry is a key attractive factor. If an idol knows how to play with several cameras pointing at them, it makes them more charming.

Fans praised the 20-year-old for her continuous hard work, which made it impossible for them to even doubt if she had an eye injury. Despite not being able to see from her right eye, Ningning’s performances never hinted that she had an issue with making contact with the camera or even fans. This was a major reason that had fans complimenting the Girls singer.

Additionally, a few fans noticed that Ningning had previously hinted at her injury multiple times through her art. Pictures of her sketches, paintings, and drawings began circulating in the fandom as they noted that the 20-year-old singer usually drew things related to her eyes.

The aespa member painted a smiley face on a canvas shoe by crossing the right eye. In another sketch, she drew two different eyes on a skull.

Meanwhile, aespa will finally be making their much-awaited comeback in May 2023. It will be the group’s first comeback in approximately 10 months since Girls, which was released in July last year.

Girls was also the only album that the singers released as a group in 2022. However, in December, they released a collaborative single with Red Velvet titled Beautiful Christmas.

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