"COME ON MAIN SLAYER": Fans go gaga as Kim Tae-hyung joins NewJeans for Hype Boy Challenge 

Featuring Kim Tae-hyung and NewJeans (Image via HYBE)
Featuring Kim Tae-hyung and NewJeans (Image via HYBE)

On August 22, 2023, NewJeans released their new Hype Boy Challenge video, which included BTS' Kim Tae-hyung and featured the members of the group successfully synchronizing their dance steps with the Singularity singer.

Hype Boy is a Korean track and the second single by the South Korean girl group NewJeans, featured in their debut EP, New Jeans. ADOR released the song on July 23, 2022, as one of the lead singles from the EP.

The challenge video quickly went viral among ARMYs and Bunnies after it was posted by NewJeans on their social media channels, including X and TikTok. Naturally, fans noticed Kim Tae-hyung's graceful moves and declared him the 'Main Slayer' in the challenge video.

"He’s the Hype Boy": Fans can't get enough of Kim Tae-hyung and NewJeans as the latter change the song name to Hype Voy

As NewJeans released the TikTok video featuring Kim Tae-hyung, they modified the original name of the song Hype Boy to Hype Voy. The group members swapped the 'B' with a 'V,' as Kim Tae-hyung's stage name is V, and they added a bear emoji in the TikTok video caption.

The challenge video begins with Kim Tae-hyung stylishly flaunting his blonde hair, capturing the focus with his captivating visuals. He proceeds to perform his signature gesture, cutely biting his teeth, and the NewJeans members join him in the dance challenge.

The group and V synchronize their steps flawlessly, earning praise from fans for V's smooth moves. Many even stated that he executed the choreography better than the NewJeans members themselves.

Towards the end of the video, NewJeans members including Danielle, Hanni, Haerin, Hyein, and Minji strike a V pose with their hands, symbolizing the significance of Kim Tae-hyung's participation in the challenge with the girls.

Numerous fans have humorously discussed how V might have encouraged NewJeans to take up the Hype Boy challenge instead of promoting their current songs. Fans noted the idol's radiant appearance in the challenge video and expressed their love for it, with some even deeming it the best Hype Boy challenge done by any male K-pop idol.

The official Spotify account also left a comment on Taehyung's Hype Boy Challenge with New Jeans on Instagram, saying, "Everybody, stay calm!"

Recently, another member of the Dynamite group, Jimin, also joined NewJeans members Danielle and Hanni for their What's Your ETA Challenge.

NewJeans has recently launched their second EP, titled Get Up, marking a significant release for the South Korean girl group. ADOR, in collaboration with YG Plus, distributed the EP, which was officially introduced on July 21, 2023. The album consists of six tracks in total, including ETA, NewJeans, SuperShy, Cool With You, ASAP, and the title track, Get Up.

Meanwhile, V is gearing up for the official release of his debut album, Layover. He has already released two tracks from the album, including Love Me Again and Rainy Days, along with a teaser for the Blue music video. Recently, the Stigma singer was spotted at Gimpo International Airport for his overseas schedule in Tokyo, Japan.

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