Kep1er announces third comeback of 2022 with  mini-album TROUBLESHOOTER

Kep1er joins October 2022 comeback lineup (Image via Twitter/official_kep1er)
Kep1er joins October 2022 comeback lineup (Image via Twitter/official_kep1er)

In a year dominated by K-pop girl group hits, Kep1er has not remained silent. On September 25, just four months after their last comeback, Doublast, the girl group announced a new album titled TROUBLESHOOTER.

The WA DA DA girl group has added to this year's already interesting October lineup with their comeback teaser poster, in which they appear to be going back in time with a retro concept (which seems to be trendy currently.)

TROUBLESHOOTER's teaser features a computer monitor from the 1990s, a floppy disc and a keyboard. The album's title and release date are displayed on the screen, which briefly glitches before turning off in a retro animation style.

Take a look at the concept teaser and announcement of the new album below:

Kep1er is back: Rookie girl group announces October comeback

Fourth generation girl groups, such as Kep1er, are clearly ruling K-pop right now. The only way to rise above other girl groups is to constantly release catchier music, which is what the WA DA DA group is doing.

With no indication of a return this soon, the nine-member project girl group surprise released a GIF with the album's name and September 25 release date.The TROUBLESHOOTER teaser video caught the fandom off guard as they had been enjoying the various content the group had recently released.

The majority of the comments under the teaser post were one-word reactions such as “Oh” and “WHAT.”

Some fans also believe that the songs will be hip-hop or EDM. Kep1er's debut song, WA DA DA, also included EDM, leading fans to believe the group is heading in that direction. The most surprising aspect was that the girl group's most recent comeback, Doublast, was in June of this year, and now, less than four months later, they are all preparing for another round of numerous week-long comebacks, photoshoots and promotions.

With LE SSERAFIM making their first comeback and IVE already making a viral second comeback (despite being only a year old), the competition for girl groups is becoming increasingly fierce. Despite this, Kep1ians are concerned about Kep1er's health.

The TROUBLESHOOTER girl group's official schedule currently includes attending the Incheon K-pop concert on October 1, the Fact Music Awards on October 8, the Kep1anet fan meeting in Seoul on October 10, the Japan fan meet and greet on October 15, and KCON Japan (third day) on October 16.

Kep1er's comeback, TROUBLESHOOTER, is on October 13, 2022, right in the middle of that tight schedule.

While Doublast's over-the-top and bubbly concept received little praise, it will be interesting to see what new avatars the WA DA DA girl group displays in their upcoming release.

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