Daniel Preda exposes Gabbie Hanna for behavior on "Escape the Night," claims she's "full of lies, manipulation, and delusions"

Daniel Preda supports Joey Graceffa, also calls out Gabbie Hanna (Image via YouTube)
Daniel Preda supports Joey Graceffa, also calls out Gabbie Hanna (Image via YouTube)

Daniel Preda recently called out Gabbie Hanna after she slandered him and Joey Graceffa for exacerbating her "mental issues" on "Escape the Night."

Escape the Night is a YouTube Original series created and produced in 2016 by YouTuber Joey Graceffa and his then-partner Daniel Preda. Many other YouTube stars such as Rosanna Pansino, Colleen Ballinger, and Shane Dawson have appeared on the show.

The show features ten guests invited by Joey Graceffa to enter from the "modern world" into a 1920's styled mansion for dinner. A character gets killed off each episode.

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Daniel Preda goes out of his way for Gabbie Hanna on set

The internet personality uploaded a video a day after Joey Graceffa had done the same and titled it "The Truth About Gabbie Hanna and Escape the Night," detailing the horror of having her on set.

Daniel Preda started by addressing Gabbie's claims of not being given options for her diet plan, stating that he went "above and beyond" to appease her and keep things calm while they filmed.

"I went above and beyond. I worked my f***ing a** off on this set. I'm doing jobs I didn't mind doing and weren't even in my job description. I didn't mind doing it because these people were my friends. and I told them I didn't want to create a toxic atmosphere due to her behavior."

Daniel Preda continued by showing photos of the food he got Gabbie Hanna, including many healthy options for her to choose from.

"Anything she's saying is false. This is a narrative she's creating to make me look bad, and I refuse to stand by that. I made her salads, I got her grape leaves, I got her a bunch of hummus packs, and I got her some chicken and rice on the side."

Daniel Preda claimed this was something he had to endure each day while they were on set. Given that they killed off Gabbie's character in Episode 4, fans could only imagine how many days of suffering he, along with the rest of the crew, had to experience.

"This is something I had to deal with daily while she was on set. When I brought them to set, maybe one was eaten. She was eating everything else on set that was unhealthy, and that's not on me, that's on you."

Daniel Preda also addressed Gabbie Hanna's other claims, such as wardrobe issues, being forced to film for hours at a time, and other things that he proved were false.

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YouTubers in Escape the Night side with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Prada

Before their videos, other YouTubers featured in season four of Escape the Night signed onto the idea that Gabbie Hanna made life on set miserable for everyone.

After Gabbie released episode four of her series, "Confessions of a Washedup YouTube Hasbeen," Rosanna Pansino, whom everyone deemed non-controversial, clapped back at the 30-year-old. She defended Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda, whom Hanna attempted to slander.

Rosanna's tweet was liked by other members of Escape the Night, such as Colleen Ballinger, Bretman Rock, Tana Mongeau, and more.

Joey then responded on Twitter by denying all of Gabbie's claims and stating how she's "always playing the victim."

Hours later, he took to YouTube to post a lengthy video describing why the two were no longer friends.


Joey Graceffa applauded Colleen Ballinger for being supportive on set, despite having given birth months before the shoot and having to breastfeed her son while going over her lines. He also gave a shout-out to Daniel Preda, who he claimed "went above and beyond" for Gabbie Hanna, even running to Whole Foods to appease her picky appetite.

Gabbie Hanna's "beef" with Joey Graceffa, Daniel Preda, and the rest of the cast has yet to end, according to fans, as people are expecting to hear more from the former.

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