“Delete it”: Freddie Gibbs slammed for sharing video of “white boy” having mental breakdown, sparks fury on Twitter

Freddie Gibbs has raised the ire of the online community (Image of Freddie Gibbs/via 808wave)
Freddie Gibbs has raised the ire of the online community (Image of Freddie Gibbs/via 808wave)
R A Karthik Prasad

Freddie Gibbs is making the news today for all the wrong reasons. The American rapper faced major backlash on Twitter after sharing a video of what he described as a “white boy” going through a mental breakdown.

And he isn’t looking to delete the video anytime soon.

Freddie Gibbs says no to fans asking to delete insensitive video

On Sunday, Freddie Gibbs began making headlines after sharing a clip of a man working behind a reception desk at the Holiday Inn Express hotel. The person can be seen being questioned and cornered by a customer.

The video takes a shocking turn of events when the man punches himself in the head and then smashes himself with the computer screen, over and over.

Although he maintains his composure for bare seconds, the customer once again heckles and bullies him.

The clip ends with the person walking away from the camera to cry his heart out, only to have the customer follow him around and record his mental breakdown.

Twitter has been enraged after witnessing the video, with Freddie Gibbs’ tweet stating:

“Somebody make sure this white boy don’t have a gun.”

Internet’s fury against the rapper continues to pile on, and many are pushing for the artist to be held accountable, especially during the taxing times of a pandemic.

Twitter is rallying for the person in the video and criticizing Freddie Gibbs for not pulling down the tweet yet. Fans of the hip-hop artist even pointed out that the rapper has a history of sharing videos of people in their weakest, without their consent, and mocking them.

Freddie Gibbs and his history in the music industry

Even as the internet continues to be critical, some are wondering who Freddie Gibbs is. For the uninitiated, here’s some context on the now infamous singer, as many rally to cancel him.

Fredrick Jamel Topton, going by the stage name Freddie Gibbs, has been in the world of hip-hop since the mid-2000s. The rapper started his career with Interscope Records, where he planned to release his debut studio album. But that never came to fruition, and the album was canceled.

The 38-year-old began making a name after releasing his 2012’s Baby Face Killa with Young Jeezy’s CTE World. Later on, the artist released titles under his own label and released ESGN, his debut album, in 2013.

Grammy-nominated Freddie Gibbs is no stranger to controversy; charged with rape and sexual assault

The Indiana native’s career peaked during his album collaborations with Madlib, releasing Pinata in 2014 and a song which he even recorded with Mac Miller.

Gibbs’ music career brought him to the limelight, with collab albums like 2018’s Fetti, Bandana (2019), and the recent Alfredo with record producer The Alchemist in 2020, which was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Rap album category.

In the video game community, fans would be aware of some of Gibbs’ work, featured in soundtracks for Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto 5, NBA 2K12, and Sleeping Dogs.

Freddie Gibbs’ decade in the music industry comes with a range of controversies as well. Two women have accused of rape and sexual assault on the rapper.

The star was charged with jail time for several weeks and was released on bail of €50,000.

So far, fans of Freddie Gibbs and the internet are together in red flagging the artist for his insensitive behavior. However, the rapper isn’t looking to back down and has gone on a rant against others, rejecting calls to remove the video.

Despite the growing backlash, Gibbs is yet to back down. But the meltdown on Twitter isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon either.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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