“Delusional”: Southern Charm fans react as Leva Bonaparte claims to run an “empire” in Season 8 reunion

Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm
Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm (Image via levabonaparte/Instagram)

Southern Charm Season 8 aired the final reunion episode on Thursday, featuring the 10 main cast members of the show.

While the reunion’s highlight was Taylor Ann Green calling out Shep Rose for his non-commitment behavior, fans found something else more interesting. They couldn’t get over Leva Bonaparte's claim to run an “empire.”

Leva just said she's running an empire 😂😂😂😂. She moved into a smaller home and every scene filmed was her in the tiny kitchen complaining. This chick is delusional #SouthernCharm

In the latest episode, Leva was seen explaining why she was upset at Craig Conover’s Winter Wonderland party, where the two ended up fighting. She said:

“I was very f**king stressed out, for multiple reasons. I have a child. I basically run a f**king empire with my husband, like it’s not a joke. I’m like seeing my therapist every other day. And I was like woah, you [Craig] went zero to a hundred. I wasn’t trying like come for you or do any such thing.”

Southern Charm fans claim that Leva Bonaparte has “giant ego”

On Southern Charm Season 8 reunion Part 2, Leva was seen telling co-stars that she runs an empire with her husband. While she was self-praising, Madison LeCroy, Venita Aspen, and Craig Conover were seen rolling their eyes.

Similar reactions were received by the show’s fans on social media. They claimed that Leva had brought in her “giant ego” at the reunion.

Leva actually believes she’s Lisa Vanderpump. “Empire”, most delusional line on the reunion. #SouthernCharm
Leva bringing the huge EGO tonight. “I’ve got a child, a husband and am running an empire…oh and now my own show”. #SouthernCharm
Andy: Why did you blow up at Craig at his party?Leva: I'm a mother and I run an empire.Ok, Leva. Your personal issues aren't Craig's problem. Also, if you have so much on your plate, maybe removing your giant ego might alleviate up some of the pressure. #SouthernCharm
Hey @C_Conover I think we should combine the tables, some of us feel left out. THAT LEVA is how you speak to a host. since you own an "empire" you should have known how to speak to Craig instead of speaking bad about him at his BUSINESS event #SouthernCharmReunion #SouthernCharm
An empire? Calm down Leva. #SouthernCharm
If Leva has an empire, wtf is she lowering herself to be on reality TV with ppl she thinks are beneath her? #SouthernCharmReunion#SouthernCharm
Leva is so full of herself, I feel for the employees in her ‘empire’ #SouthernCharm
Did Leva ay that she and her husband were running an empire??? They are really full of themselves #SouthernCharm
Leva: "I run an empire." 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀 #SouthernCharm
Give me a break! You run an “empire”? You run a bunch of trendy bars. Feeling superior much, Leva??#SouthernCharm

Throughout Season 8 of Southern Charm, Leva Bonaparte was not given much screen time. She was seen keeping a distance from the Charleston group. However, she stirred the pot between Kathryn Dennis and Venita at Madison-Venita’s birthday party.

Leva’s big moment came in the finale of Season 8 at Craig’s Christmas party, where his business partners were also in attendance. As Leva and his colleagues shared a business relationship, she didn't think it was inappropriate to complain and criticize Craig and his event management skills to his business partners.

Craig was furious when he saw Leva talking to his colleagues. He asked her to leave, and in response, she called him a “clown” and stated that his business partners were the ones who efficiently ran his company instead of him.

Since the fight, the two haven't been in contact. It was at the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion where they interacted post-feud. They explained their respective sides, but Leva confessed that she would need some time before getting back to normal friendship with him. Craig, on the other hand, apologized and hugged it out.

Leva Bonaparte to star in her own Bravo show

At the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion, host Andy Cohen mentioned Leva coming up with a new Bravo show called Southern Hospitality. The reality TV series will revolve around the star’s hospitality business.

Leva and her husband, Lamar Bonaparte, run a joint business venture, Republic Development and Management Group. Under the company, the mother of a toddler owns multiple high-end restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, her work life will be featured in Southern Hospitality, with guest appearances from Craig and Austen.

Coming back to the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion, Leva was also called out for stirring drama at Venita-Madison’s birthday party. She confessed in the latest episode that she regretted instigating a fight between Kathryn and Venita at the event.

Hosted by Andy, the reunion episode featured Leva, Venita, Madison, Kathryn, Craig, Austen, Shep Rose, Olivia Flowers, Naomi Olindo, and Taylor Ann Green.

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