Disguised Toast and Sykkuno send fans into a frenzy after posing together in suits 

Image via Twitter/DisguisedToast
Image via Twitter/DisguisedToast

Disguised Toast and Sykkuno, popular streamers on Twitch, were seen dressed to the nines on Twitter. Fans were then sent into a frenzy after the two popular content creators posed together for a photo captioned "yin and yang."

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Disguised Toast and Sykkuno

Disguised Toast first rose to prominence on YouTube in 2015. He previously posted videos of Hearthstone, the digital collectible card game. Toast then turned to streaming in 2016.

Sykkuno began on YouTube in 2011, creating League of Legends content, before he began exclusively streaming on Twitch in April 2019.

Disguised Toast and Sykkuno are both well-known for their group streams of the popular game Among Us. They are best associated with Valkyrae, Pokimane, Corpse Husband, Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie.

They, along with Valkyrae and Corpse Husband, have previously been referred to as "the Amigops." Both Toast and Sykkuno have previously played Among Us together as impostors. On May 24th, Disguised Toast, Sykkuno and Corpse Husband did a farewell stream to the game.

The photo was posted on Twitter and was met with many comments about the iconic duo in suits.

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Fellow streamer friends have yet to comment on the photo of the Sykkuno and Disguised Toast. Lily Pichu, a fellow Twitch streamer, also shared a photo of the two of them, captioned: "Suitkkuno."

Sykkuno also tweeted hours before the photo stating how Disguised Toast was helping him find a suit. This was also met with fans excited to see the final result.

The photo posted on Twitter received 162 thousand likes, two thousand replies and eleven thousand retweets at the time of the story. The photo was posted to Disguised Toast's Instagram account to 220 thousand likes, including Corpse Husband.

Many are wondering whether this is the "Amigops" meeting, as Valkyrae stated in a recent stream that they would have one. There has yet to be any announcement on whether Sykkuno, Toast or LilyPichu will stream together. There is also reason to believe that Sykkuno might have moved to Las Vegas, where the photos were taken, as seen on Disguised Toast's Twitter page on June 11th.

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