“Do you know BTS?”: Korean game developer winner ends speech with a bang at GamesCom 2022

Lies of P project director Ji-won Choi and BTS with Bang Si-hyuk (Images via Twitter/seokjinbit and nam4president)
Lies of P project director Ji-won Choi and BTS with Bang Si-hyuk (Images via Twitter/seokjinbit and nam4president)

South Korean game developer Ji-won Choi, the winner of the Most Wanted Sony PlayStation Game at GamesCom 2022, ended his speech with an unexpected mention of K-pop supergroup BTS. It was a surprise no one predicted. Choi's remark quickly went viral on ARMY Twitter, with fans praising both him and the Dynamite group.

In his speech, the Lies of P game developer also expressed his desire to become the gaming industry's BTS.

The shoutout had surprised the ARMY fandom most, but also instilled pride in them. The twice Grammy-nominated K-pop septet has carved a history that few other K-pop idol groups can match. They were a strong catalyst in spreading the Hallyu Wave and opening up South Korean culture to global media.

Fans can’t stop flaunting their BTS ARMY badge as Lies of P game developer gives shoutout to the septet

The Butter septet made an unexpected appearance at GamesCom 2022, a place no fan had ever imagined. The K-pop septet was not present at the event, but was mentioned by Ji-won Choi, a South Korean game developer and Project Director of Lies of P, the game that won the Most Wanted Sony Playstation Game.

On Tuesday, August 23, the day of the Opening Night Live, Ji-won Choi of Korean game publishing company NEOWIZ, accepted a prestigious award for its highly-anticipated RPG game. Towards the end of his winning speech, he mentioned BTS and shared that he would like to do the same in his field.

The clip of Choi’s speech went viral on Twitter as ARMY expressed their pride and excitement. Some fans commented on how the Dynamite singers were “South Korea’s pride” and “ice breaker” for conversations.

The majority of fans could not help but connect Choi to BTS’ known pro-gamer, Jin. A few fans joked that he might be friends with Jin, while others shared that the influence of the group’s oldest member spread far and wide. Some even said that Choi seemed to be Jin-biased.

More about Lies of P


Lies of P is a dark turn on the classic tale of Pinocchio. The game was developed by NEOWIZ, an industry-leading South Korean gaming company. The Lies of P offers incredible graphics, choice-based narrative structure, and customizable characters.

It has also been nominated for Best Action Adventure Game and Best Roleplaying Game awards. The results of these two categories will be announced on Saturday, August 27, 2022.

Lies of P is scheduled for release in 2023.

Recent updates about BTS’ Jin

Since venturing off to solo activities, BTS’ oldest member has been quite busy. He worked at NEXON, a gaming company known for its highly-popular MMORPG game Maplestory. The game developer released a content series around his first day of work and his presentation of new ideas, among other things.


The MapleStory collaboration saw Jin in a new avatar. His decade-long knowledge of the game surprised many, with even local gamers praising the idol on social media for his ideas.

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