4 reasons to look forward to Jung Kook’s Time Difference Photo-Folio

Time Difference preview pictures (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
Time Difference preview pictures (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS’ Jung Kook exploded Twitter on August 11, 2022, by announcing his first-ever Photo-Folio, Me, Myself, and Jung Kook ‘Time Difference’. The blurry vampire-themed picture received massive praise and currently has over 1.6 million likes on social media platforms, signifying fans’ anticipation for the upcoming project.

With ARMYs already in a frenzy, the K-pop idol's concept teaser and preview photos sent them flying. The Euphoria singer's Photo-Folio ticked all the boxes, from creating an eerie and mysterious atmosphere to serving an outstanding outfit selection.


Considering this is Jung Kook’s first solo project after BTS’ ‘temporary break’ announcement, fans cannot keep calm. The excitement is reaching new levels with each passing day and rightly so. Here are the 4 reasons to look forward to Jung Kook's Time Difference Photo-Folio.

Four reasons Jung Kook’s Time Difference Photo-Folio is the next big thing

1) Plethora of vampire edits coming to life

and when this actually becomes real, THEN WHAT?…

Nothing makes ARMYs happier than their manifestations becoming reality. From getting Jin’s cooking vlog to seeing a long-haired Jimin picture, fans have shown their power of manifesting. The same is true for Jung Kook's decision to pursue a vampire-themed concept. One supporter reacted:

“Do we call him Count DraKOOla now? Lord Jeon Jungkook? Vampire Jungkook? JK the Vamp? Edward KOOllen? HELP”

Fans have wished to see the BTS maknae in eerie and mysterious tones, and his Photo-Folio serves exactly that. With their dreams taking shape, they have released a slew of 'Vampire Jung Kook' edits that will spark your imagination.

The Vampire Diaries, Interview with the Vampire, and The Twilight Saga are just a few of the shows and movies that provide a glimpse of fan creativity and a possible perspective into the Time Difference Photo-Folio.

2) The 80 pages thick photobook is a dream come true

80 pages of vampire jungkook i am afraid no one is making out alive

If a regular-sized photobook can cause a commotion, imagine what an 80-page photobook can do. This is not only a miracle that has shocked fans to their core, but it is also a rather unique and exciting concept. The photo book will include a variety of emotionally charged images.

One will witness 80 pages of never-before-seen aspects of Jung Kook beautifully portrayed in vampire-themed backdrops. The red, gray, and black hues will surely capture the spectral vibes the K-pop idol hopes to serve.

pov : you're 4 pages into jungkook’s vampire photobook that contains 80 pages

Considering fans’ stirring reactions to the preview photos, there is no doubt that the entire project will be a major hit. One such reaction, reads:

"Save this picture, screenshot it, make a PowerPoint out of it, present it, project in a wall, scan it, print it, hang it in a museum, tape it everywhere, put it in a billboard, stick it in buses and planes, take a picture of it, spread it, send it to the space, never delete it."

3) One-of-a-kind photo exhibition

Jungkook is now the #1 breakout and searched topic under ‘vampire’ worldwide.

As if the 80-page photobook wasn't enough to send ARMYs into a frenzy, the Still With You singer decided to drop a few other items as well, such as a mini poster, folder poster, stamp, photo card, a random photo card and a wine coaster.

These special items are another reason why one cannot afford to miss Jung Kook’s iconic Photo-Folio. The extensive collection makes the golden maknae’s photo exhibition even more sensational, and rightly so.

4) The first feather in the Jung Kook-production hat

This solo project will be the BTS maknae’s first step into the world of production. Although he partook in some small projects like designing various merchandise, the Gas Mask at BTS’ art exhibition, and Seesaw x I NEED U Remix cover art among other things, the artist has never been fully immersed in the production process.

The idol spoke openly about his experience, saying:

"I've never done this kind of thing by myself. It really is my first time, so I feel kind of shy and awkward. But at the same time, it feels different and I feel like I could be more focused. I usually don't have this much passion for producing, but this time it was different."

From putting together his outfits from scratch to involving himself in the video production and post-production process, he has given his all. With Jung Kook being passionate about producing, there is a high chance that this won’t be the only solo project he creates. Time Difference has bound hope for more such innovative and stunning activities by the artist in the future.

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With over a hundred Jung Kook-vampire fan edits popping up every day, it's a established fact that Photo-Folio is the most anticipated project by the global star. However, it also signifies that the photobook will sell out within no time.

The pre-sale for Me, Myself and Jung Kook Time Difference Photo-Folio will start on Thursday, August 18, 2022, on the Weverse Shop. Furthermore, the release date of the Photo-Folio is scheduled for September 1 globally and November 2, 2022, for the USA.

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