6 actors who share an amazing bond with BTS’ Jin

BTS’ Jin with his actor friends (Image via Weverse and Twitter)
BTS’ Jin with his actor friends (Image via Weverse and Twitter)

BTS' Jin needs no introduction. He is funny, handsome, witty, and continues to charm everybody with his bubbling persona. No matter where he goes, he ends up making friends. Perhaps it's his quirky dad jokes that baffle those around him with amusement, but one fact is established for sure - it is hard to resist his magnetism.

Now, imagine BTS’ Jin with the heartthrobs of the Korean acting industry in a single picture. Overwhelmed? So are we. As exciting as it is to see the World Wide Handsome (WWH) spending time with his actor friends, there is no doubt that it would leave fans in a frenzy.

Every time BTS’ Jin, aka Kim Seok-jin, shared a picture of him with his actor friends, the internet went berserk over their friendship. The bond Seokjin shares with his celebrity friends are adorably candid, much like his personality.

Hence, in this list, we will be discussing the 6 cute friendships with K-drama actors that Jin has had over the years, which continues to make the fans go gaga over them.

Park Bo-gum, Kwon Hyun-bin, and others: Six actors who are buddies with BTS’ Jin

1) Lee Sang-yeob

The Once Again actor, Lee Sang-yeob's friendship with BTS’ Jin is not a new revelation. On many occassions, the two have been spotted supporting each other in their solo adventures.

Lee Sang-yeob officially outed himself as an ARMY by attending BTS’s PTD ON STAGE Seoul concert. He not only thanked his dear friend, Seok-jin, but also paid his respects by stating how he will bow to him once they meet properly.

Back in May, Jin also uploaded pictures and videos of them golfing together. From matching outfits to wearing the same shoes, the duo certainly set some major friendship goals. Most recently, on July 25, 2022, the duo was spotted at the VIP screening of Emergency Declaration.

2) Park Bo-gum

Fans broke the internet when BTS’ Jin posted a picture of him with the Love in the Moonlight actor, Park Bo-gum, on Weverse. The two are rumored to have met at the Coca-Cola CF set back in 2018. Their amazing friendship was reflected when Seok-jin was seen vibing to Park Bo-gum’s Let's Go See The Stars.

The 27-year-old actor astonished fans by ushering in the backstage room during the group’s Love Yourself Tour Hong Kong concert to surprise the BTS members.


A 2019 Bangtan Bomb video showcased Park Bo-gum dressed in band's gear to show his support for his friend. Seok-jin, in turn, gifted Bo-gum the funky sunglasses he wore during the concert. Such cute interactions only testify to the fun friendship they have.

3) Kwon Hyun-bin

Kwon Hyun-bin and BTS’ Jin have a lot in common. Hence, it’s no surprise that the two are amazing friends. Initially, Kwon Hyun-bin was a member of the former boy group, JBJ, but he left the band to pursue an acting career.

On MBC Every1's Video Star, the actor disclosed the secret behind his friendship with Kim Seok-jin and the Memorist actor, Yoo Seung-ho. According to him, the trio get along together because they all share the same attributes. Each of them have a quiet personality and prefer staying at home rather than going out.

In a 2019 interview, Kwon Hyun-bin also revealed that the two frequently spend time together and once even shared agwi-jjim (braised monkfish). Adding to the list of cute moments, the BTS member showered his affection towards his friend by sending a coffee truck to support Kwon Hyun-bin’s drama, The Red Sleeve.

4) Lee Won-geun

The Moon Embracing the Sun actor, Lee Won-geun, is a heartthrob in the Korean industry. Therefore, it is no surprise that his friendship with BTS' Jin would bring together the two charming visuals close at some point.

It was on Happy Together 4 that Lee Won-geun revealed that he’s been friends with BTS’ Jin since college. Throughout their long-lasting friendship, they have pulled some interesting pranks and public stunts. According to Won-geun,

“We once at a barbecue restaurant – and we ate without a care – but we ended up eating 12 servings of meat, 7 bowls of rice, and 2 bowls of naengmyun (cold noodles).”

Though they later grew distant due to their admissions to different colleges and hectic schedules, they both continued to hold immense respect for each other even to this day.

5) Yoo Seung-ho

Many netizens were a little surprised to discover that BTS’ Jin is friends with the My Strange Hero actor, Yoo Seung-ho. The actor shared how the two became friends when he went on a personal endeavor. According to sources, Jin also sent a coffee and snack truck to the set of Memorist to cheer Yoo.

On MBC Every1's Video Star, Kwon Hyun-bin recalled how Yoo Seung-ho and he were joking together with Kim Seok-jin. Yoo also jokingly asked Jin to sing an OST for the former's latest K-drama. Exact news on how the two became such close friends is still unclear, but nevertheless, their endearing relationship is loved by fans worldwide .

6) Lee Yi-kyung

During one of the episodes of Radio Star, Lee Yi-kyung, gave a glimpse into his friendship with BTS’ Jin. He revealed that they both went to the same acting school. Moreover, the Children of Nobody actor revealed that when he first met Jin, the latter was still in high school.

Their reunion at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards made headlines as the duo went gaga over each other. Another extremely heart-warming interaction took place between the two at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which was held on the same day as Jin’s birthday, December 4.

To wish his little brother, Lee Yi-kyung called out to him from the stage and sent across a finger heart. Jin became flustered as he didn't expect such an adorable gesture from him. Without a doubt, the hyung-dongsaeng bond the duo share is extremely precious to fans assume is based on unconditional love.

It is great to witness artists getting along so well in an industry that is highly competitive. BTS’ Jin and his actor friends are examples of what amazing and true friendships look like.

Fans love the connection they share and will continue to hail them as not only brilliant artists but also as wonderful friends. Who knows, maybe K-pop stans will get an In The Soop: Friendication version of BTS’ Jin as well.

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