Jung Kook’s Time Difference Photo-Folio: Where to buy, pre-sale date, and more

BTS' Jung Kook to release Time Difference Photo-Folio (Image via Weverse Shop and BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS' Jung Kook to release Time Difference Photo-Folio (Image via Weverse Shop and BIGHIT MUSIC)

More information and release details for BTS’ Jung Kook’s Photo-Folio titled Time Difference are out. The golden maknae surprised fans when he dropped only a blurry vampire-esque photo, leading to ARMYs breaking Twitter with the ‘Vampire Jungkook’ trend.

On August 17, BIGHIT MUSIC released the exact details for the Euphoria singer’s newest project. It also posted a behind-the-scenes production video detailing the youngest member’s ideation process for the Time Difference Special 8 Photo-Folio.


The audience was still making sense of what the project could be when Weverse Shop announced the pre-release details of the Photo-Folio. It can’t be called an album, but it will have a majority of what the general public knows to be album inclusions, including a photocard, poster and 80 pages of the Euphoria singer in his vampire element.

BTS’ Jung Kook’s Time Difference Photo-Folio: Product details, where to buy and more

Special 8 Photo-Folio Me, Myself, and Jungkook ‘Time Difference’ Release Information • PRE-ORDER DATE : From 11 AM, Thursday, August 18, 2022 (KST)• RELEASE DATE: - GLOBAL: September 1, 2022 (KST)- USA: November 2, 2022(PST)

The Special 8 Photo-Folio titled Time Difference will be a special project by BTS’ youngest member, Jung Kook. The soon-to-be 25-year-old has always stretched his creative boundaries in multiple aspects and is known as an all-rounder in the K-pop industry.

From photography, video-making, editing, painting (traditional or digital), sports (boxing, running, etc.) to singing, and dancing, there’s hardly anything the idol cannot do.

As BTS focuses on solo activities, the youngest member has turned to his creative energy to make a concept photo series from scratch.

The Time Difference Photo-Folio has inclusions that are sure to entice ARMYs into opening up their wallets once again.

The Photo-Folio includes the following:

  • One 80-page photobook
  • One mini-poster
  • One folded poster
  • One postage stamp
  • Two photocards (one regular + one random out of three)
  • One Special Item - Photo Coaster

The Me, Myself and Jung Kook Time Difference Photo-Folio will begin pre-sales on August 18, 2022 at 11 am KST on Weverse Shop. Pre-sales will remain open until stocks last.

The release date of Photo-Folio is September 1 globally and November 2, 2022 for the USA.

Go behind-the-scenes with Jung Kook for his Time Difference Photo-Folio concept film


ARMYs were correct when they speculated that the content series had Jung Kook dressed as a vampire. The red contact lenses, the frill outfit, and the hairstyle gave the teaser image an eerie vibe which raised the excitement among the fandom even more. The concept film gave fans an insight into the idol’s mind and brought the concept to life.

Talking about the inception of the vampire concept in the production film released on August 17, the youngest BTS member shared:

“I think I remember writing "vampire" for the concept. At first, it started out as little suggestions. We haven't done many conceptual themes before so personally I'm very satisfied with this.”

He even told fans how they can enjoy the photobook. He mentioned the emotions and story behind it, saying,

“The background keeps getting darker. Think of it as the gradual process of a darkening soul.”

Additionally, the golden maknae aims to show fans a different side of himself with the Time Difference Photo-Folio.

“‘When Jung Kook puts his mind to it, he can show all these different charms,’ I hope that's what you think when you see it.”

Time Difference Photo-Folio will be released on November 2. This marks the latest of BTS' solo activities since the band announced a temporary suspension of group activities on their ninth anniversary.

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