BTS' Jung Kook's latest teaser gives fans Vampire fanfic vibes

Jung Kook teases new project in a mysterious tweet (Image via Twitter/bts_bighit)
Jung Kook teases new project in a mysterious tweet (Image via Twitter/bts_bighit)

BTS’ Jung Kook and BIGHIT MUSIC know how to keep ARMYs on their toes. On August 12, midnight KST, the agency surprise dropped a blurry teaser photo of the maknae titled “Me, Myself, and Jung Kook.” With a vague caption and hashtags, what blew fans away was a picture that gave off Wattpad-style vampire fanfic vibes.

The BTS ARMY is not unknown for their adventurous fanfic stories on Wattpad or edits on other social media. To see it come to life, however, was an entirely different game.

In the picture, BTS’ Jung Kook wore red contact lenses, had his eyebrow piercing, bright lipstick, and donned what seemed to be a renaissance-era outfit. The bright white light on his face, the dark background, hairstyle, and the most definitive part-contact lenses-all gave way for ARMYs to trend ‘Vampire JK’ and ‘Vampire Jungkook’ in the Twitter search bar.

Vampire Jung Kook takes over ARMYs feeds with a mysterious content teaser

Trust BTS to take a group break, but never let their fandom take a break. Since shifting their focus to solo work, there has hardly been a week when fans haven’t received an update on a BTS member’s individual project. After the eldest member, Jin’s work as a MapleStory designer, it was now time for the youngest to reveal his project.

BIGHIT MUSIC posted a mysterious teaser on August 12 at midnight KST. The tweet used the hashtags #Photo_Folio and #Editor_JK. The ARMY fandom’s reaction was divided as half obsessed over the youngest BTS member’s vampire vibes while the other attempted to predict what the content could be about.

However, even the latter half could not ignore the Vampire Jung Kook vibe and soon filled the timeline with video and photo edits.

While one ARMY commented that the Vampire JK agenda was “thriving,” another gushed over the details of the picture. Some ARMYs even posted hilarious memes as part of their call of response if the vampire idol came after them, fictionally.

At one point, the words “VAMPIRE JUNGKOOK” even trended No. 7 on Twitter’s worldwide trends list.

Some fans believe that the #Photo_Folio could be a hint towards a photo exhibition by Jung Kook. The Golden Maknae’s photo and video editing skills aren’t a secret. He had previously posted G.C.F (Golden Closet Films), a travel-style video series that he shot, directed, and edited, all on his own.


BTS’ latest solo project update: Jin x MapleStory and PJM1

The latest news in BTS’ solo project world is Jin’s yet another MapleStory collaboration and Jimin’s solo album, currently in the works, possibly.

MapleStory, the MMORPG game that Jin loves dearly, teased a content series about the K-pop idol starting work as a character designer in the developer, NEXON’s company. The first day of the idol at work will be released on August 16.

Jimin, on the other hand, has extended his stay in the United States after arriving in Chicago to support j-hope for the “Hobipalooza.” ARMYs found out that Slow Rabbit, BIGHIT MUSIC’s producer who has worked with BTS since their debut, is also in Chicago.

The duo’s Instagram posts suggested they were both at the same beach and a studio. Following this, PJM1, an abbreviation used to define Park Ji-min first solo album, began doing the rounds soon.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what new content BTS' Golden Maknae has lined up for ARMYs.

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