Twitter is 'Team Jung Kook' all the way after the singer's photo-folio release

BTS' Jeon Jung-kook and Edward Cullen (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit and twitter/@Twilight)
BTS' Jeon Jung-kook and Edward Cullen (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit and twitter/@Twilight)

On August 11, 2022, BTS’ Jung Kook posted a mysterious photo of himself on the official Twitter handle for BTS. In the blurry image, the Euphoria singer can be seen sporting red contact lenses and smudged red lipstick. The look, paired with his white shirt, made numerous ARMYs draw comparisons between him and vampires.

The BTS member captioned the post:

"Me, Myself, and Jung Kook #Photo Folio #Editor JK"

Later, the singer also posted a short 6-second clip of himself in a vampire-like appearance. The video, which was posted alongside a logo, is a teaser for a photo-folio, set to be released in September this year.

For the uninitiated, a photo-folio - a combination of the words "photo" and "portfolio" - is a collection of a photographer's best photos. BTS' Jeon Jung-kook will be leading the photo-folio project, with other members soon following suit. His theme for the photo-folio is "Powerful."

Needless to say, the mysterious photo by the youngest member of BTS caused quite the uproar on Twitter, with ARMYs unleashing their creative side and producing an array of Vampire Jung Kook edits.

However, the edits are primarily dominated by fans of the cult-favorite young-adult series Twilight, who have now declared that they are neither "Team Edward" nor "Team Jacob," but are unequivocally "Team Jung Kook" instead.

Fans are editing Jung Kook into clips from the Twilight film series

The Twilight series featured vampire Edward Cullen and werewolf Jacob Black as its two primary male protagonists. Both Edward and Jacob were in love with Bella Swan, the human female at the heart of the story. While Bella ultimately chose Edward to be her partner, many fans believed that Bella should have picked Jacob instead, leading to the "Team Edward" vs. "Team Jacob" debate.

Following the Stay Alive singer's mysterious photo, fans took to Twitter to edit the him into official posters and scenes from the Twilight movies, declaring that they were now "Team Jung Kook." The unanticipated BTS x Twilight crossover has left both fandoms delighted.

Everything we know about the upcoming photo-folio

After sending the entire fandom into a frenzy, the youngest member of BTS slowly began releasing teasers for his upcoming solo project. While the details are still being kept under wraps, the singer has dropped a few hints in a recent Instagram post titled "Mood 'Inner Self' Teaser.”

Korean media outlets reported that the "Golden maknae" was involved in all aspects of the photo shoot for the upcoming release. More teasers, concept films and preview images are expected to arrive prior to the official release.

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