5 times BTS treated ARMYs to extravagant concert experiences

The global superstars are known to break new ground with concert production. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
The global superstars are known to break new ground with concert production. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

Attending a BTS concert is a treat for all the senses. While the group themselves are all excellent stage performers, BIG HIT MUSIC does not hold back on supporting their artists. They have arranged AR technology for a performance and gone as far as hiring a production company for the solo and group performances in their concerts.

The South Korean septet's agency (BIGHIT MUSIC, previously BIG HIT Entertainment) has mentioned that they want to turn concerts into festivals, where fans get an immersive experience.

During the LOVE YOURSELF stadium tour, there were pop-ups organized in the days leading up to the concerts, along with food trucks and other activities on the D-day of the concert. Pop-ups were also held leading up to BTS's Muster SOWOOZOO in 2021.

5 lavish BTS concert experiences that left fans spellbound

From themed hotels to stunning virtual reality episodes on stage, BTS leaves no stone unturned to give fans the best concert experience. Here are five times that the Korean septet treated ARMYs to extravagant concert experiences.

1) Themed hotels in Las Vegas for Permission To Dance: On Stage

As part of their upcoming concerts at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium, BTS has teamed up with MGM resorts to give themed rooms to ARMYs visiting from all over the globe. The rooms will also include exclusive merchandise, themed food, souvenirs, and photocards.

Apart from this, there are plans for a fountain show at the Bellagio, an after-concert party, and a photo exhibition near the concert venue. Fans have called this phenomenon the "borafication" or “borahaefication” of Las Vegas, wherein the concert becomes more of a festival.

2) AR technology for Trivia 承: Love during the Love Yourself tour


In 2019, BTS made history by becoming the first Korean artist to incorporate auguemented reality (AR) as part of a multi-stadium tour. During RM's performance, the word love was written in several languages and projected around the stage.

In another part of the performance, hearts seemed to rain around RM, which then turned into stars, giving the stage a magical feel. When the performance reached its conclusion, a few words written in his handwriting appeared, "Borahe, <tour location>," giving the setup a personalized feel.

Planned with the help of creative directors at Plan A and production designers at FragmentNine, the performance was part of their plan to make the Love Yourself stadium tour more interactive and fan-friendly.

3) SUGA's Life Goes On stage as a hologram


In 2020, SUGA underwent surgery for his injured shoulder and did not participate in any schedule for about six months. BTS decided to surprise ARMY by having him appear as a hologram for their Life Goes On stage at the MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) that year.

Just before SUGA's line, a door opened on the screen behind the other members, and the hologram appeared singing his verse. The creation of the hologram was via volumetric display. Through this, a person is recorded in 360-degrees. Then, a 3D avatar that moves and can be viewed from all angles is generated.

4) The Map of the Soul ON:E (MOTS ON:E) virtual concert


The Map of the Soul ON:E concert was a large-scale real-time virtual concert by BTS held over two days. After their Map of the Soul: 7 stadium tour came to a standstill due to the pandemic, the band held a virtual version for fans all over the world to enjoy.

The production combined new-age technologies like augmented reality and extended reality, and created a memorable event in the minds of ARMY. Part of the concert featured live-reactions from fans around the world as the band gave their thoughts.

The event drew almost a million (993,000) paid viewers from 191 destinations.

5) The SOWOOZOO Muster Concert 2021

The SOWOOZOO concert was a collaboration with VenewLive, an augmented-reality-boosted live music platform. This resulted in 4K resolution and multiview, allowing fans to switch between different camera angles as they wished. Additionally, viewers could gather in chat rooms.

SOWOOZOO was different from the Map of the Soul ON:E because the event was live-recorded in Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium. And even though the South Korean septet was performing in an essentially empty stadium, their energy on stage was unmatched. They performed old classics, fan favorites, and even popular solo songs adapted for all seven members.

The stage was in the shape of an infinity sign, representing the universe (or sowoozoo in Korean). The production comprised interactive technologies such as Army in Echo and Army On Air. A large screen below the stage showed ARMY worldwide enjoying the concert from their homes.

The two-day concert invited 1.33 million paid viewers from 195 locations, breaking BTS' own record for their MOTS ON:E virtual event.

At their most recent Grammy appearance, the band put on a never-seen-before performance, incorporating a flying Jungkook, a smooth showcase with jackets, and an extended dance break. They received a standing ovation for their stunning show, winning the hearts of everyone in the audience.

The group is set to perform four sold-out concerts at Las Vegas' Allegiant Stadium, with live viewing at the MGM Grand Arena. With multiple events planned in and around the concert, the four-day BTS festival is bound to be a blockbuster.

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