5 times BTS' Jungkook created ripples with his airport fashion sense

Jungkook, the Golden Maknae of BTS has a fashion sense loved by fans (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
Jungkook, the Golden Maknae of BTS has a fashion sense loved by fans (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS' Jungkook (also known as 'The Golden Maknae') is the king of e-boy aesthetics. Dark co-ords, bucket hats, tattoo sleeves with the Nirvana quote “Rather be dead than cool” and piercings – Jungkook can carry off the most formal or the most unhinged look with ease.

Compared to the rest of the BTS members, the maknae's personal style is pretty easy-going. He usually prefers comfortable, monochromatic styles over exaggerated, vibrant looks. Despite his simple choices, the idol still has an irresistible charm, and often sells out anything and everything – from toothpaste and fabric softeners to LV jackets and Prada stompers.

Jungkook's refusal to compromise with his comfort, especially when it comes to his ensembles, and still managing to stand out from the crowd, reflects in his airport looks, often making him the talk of the town.

Here, we have curated Jungkook's five best airport looks that sent ARMYs into a frenzy.

5 times BTS' Jungkook dazzled with his airport appearances

1) The Casual King

The maknae sent heartbeats racing when he arrived at the airport in 2019 dressed in the most everyday clothing items thrown together in his own impeccable style.

He paired a dark blue denim jacket over a standard blue and brown plaid shirt and a pair of black cargo joggers. The statement piece in his attire happened to be his iconic mismatched Balenciaga shoes that provided a subtle element of fun in an overall laid-back get-up.

2) Edgy is the new Cool

BTS' Jungkook showed up at the airport in 2020 in a grunge look that once again left fans impressed.

For the ensemble, he chose to pair blue wide legged jeans with black Timberlands, thereby adding to his overall rugged look. The get-up was accompanied by a black Messenger bag that hung over his torso. A Levi plaid shirt thrown casually over one shoulder gave it an IT factor that is unique to Jungkook's personal style.

3. The All Black Look

Black on black is a cult favorite look that never fails to impress. BTS' Jungkook too, chose an all-black ensemble in 2020, and needless to say, fans loved it.

The maknae strutted down the airport in his black chunky high ankled shoes, paired with a regular black T-shirt and cargo joggers. A black leather jacket added a little tinge of glamour to his look. He accessorised with a black bucket hat, a regular black backpack and a matching black face mask.

4. The Louis Vuitton model

BTS members are global ambassadors for the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. In 2021, while leaving for LA, the maknae was seen in a blue and yellow Zipped Monogram tie-dye set by the brand.

The co-ords seemed to bring out the tattoos on his right arm, which were on full display. The outfit was paired with a plain black T-shirt underneath and his usual black chunky shoes, along with a black Christopher backpack, also from the French house.

The Midas touch of the maknae ensured that this stylish set from the brand remained sold out on the website for quite some time.

5. The Modern Hanbok

The golden maknae shone in his airport outfit on his way back to Korea from Japan in 2019, when he was spotted in a traditional Hanbok with a modern twist.

The Euphoria singer donned a grey Jeogori, or Hanbok jacket as an open shirt over a plain black T-shirt. Along with this, he wore a Baji over plain black chunky shoes.

The monochrome outfit looked effortlessly chic as the look became a rage on social media. Plain hanbok sets in various colors were bought and flaunted by numerous celebrities like soccer player Park Joo-ho and TV host Jeon Hyun-moo. The brand, Zinjangsa, also credited the maknae for the massive success of their clothing set.

Whether it is his airport ensembles or red carpet looks, Jungkook's style and persona are unique. The singer, who recently featured in the single, Left and Right by Charlie Puth, floored fans with his performance, with the song already charting at #1 on iTunes in 93 countries.

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