5 times BTS' Jungkook proved that he is RM's biggest fan

A still of Jungkook and RM together (Image via @bts_twt/Twitter)
A still of Jungkook and RM together (Image via @bts_twt/Twitter)

BTS’ Jungkook is RM aka Kim Nam-joon’s biggest fan, and ARMYs are definitely here for it. The 'maknae' of the group misses no opportunity to express his love and admiration for the BTS leader, and multiple interviews, concerts, and stage performances are a testament to that fact.

Jungkook has been highly vocal in expressing his feelings regarding his 'Hyung.' The brotherly love between the duo is not only selfless, but also endearing. In fact, the golden maknae has frequently confessed that Nam-joon was why he decided to join BIGHIT Entertainment in the first place.

you might think you love Namjoon the most in this world, but there’s always going to be a Jungkook who loves him even more… *crying in namkook tears*

However, Nam-joon usually gets rather shy with all the praise from Jungkook, but never fails to admire him in the same way. He clearly adores the youngest member of the group just as much.

Namkook, the bond name for Nam-joon and Jungkook, has been a fan favorite term ever since their debut. With a relationship like that between the two talented singers, Jungkook certainly steals the spotlight for being RM’s biggest fan.

Five times BTS’ Jungkook proved he is RM’s number one fanboy

1) Jungkook hugging Nam-joon

namkook having a subunit NAMED young love with a lyric that goes "i become smaller next to you this must be love" considering their height difference and KNOWING jungkook adores namjoon 🙁 they are so precious to me

This particular moment from Permission To Dance On Stage in Las Vegas still makes the rounds on the internet to date. On Day 4 of the tour, Nam-joon was addressing fans in the stadium when Jungkook hugged him gently.

It was an adorable moment since both Jungkook and RM are almost the same height, but the former still bent down to hug the latter by the waist. Nam-joon continued speaking while placing his hand on Jungkook’s back, patting him cutely.

2) Young Love

look at the way he smiles while listening and singing along to him and Joon’s love song oh my namkook heart is bursting !!!

Young Love is a song by RM and Jungkook that was released on June 10, 2022, as part of their latest album Proof. It was a dream come true for not just Jungkook, but Namkook fans all over the world.

In a V Live session with Jungkook dated June 15, 2022, the singer streamed the track and sang along. The obvious fanboy moment came across with Nam-joon’s part in the song. The maknae giggled and smiled throughout his hyung’s segment in Young Love.

3) Nam-joon is JK’s happiness

This moment is perhaps the sweetest in the history of BTS members praising each other. On Day 2 of '5th Muster' in Busan, Jungkook started talking about what happiness really means to him. He said:

“My happiness started when I met Rap Monster (RM). If he didn’t come into my life, I might not be here now.”

RM responded by saying:

“Jungkook, without you, there would be no BTS. You know that.”

ARMYs screamed their lungs out and cheered for this adorable new Namkook moment as it was so pure and full of love. Clearly, Jungkook’s admiration for Nam-joon reached new heights on this day.

4) Jimmy Fallon and BTS

When jungkook told jimmy fallon “i saw RM and i thought he was amazing”#JUNGKOOK #NAMJOON #bts #BTSARMY

In an episode titled BTS on First Impressions, Secret Career Dreams and Map of the Soul: 7 Meanings, Jimmy Fallon interviewed the group as they travelled on the subway.

Fallon asked the septet:

“What did you all think of each other when you first got together?”

Jungkook instantly replied:

“I saw RM and then I thought I thought he was amazing.”

This was not the first time JK has revealed that he joined the band mainly because of RM. In multiple interviews, talk shows, concerts, and live sessions, the idol has talked about his fondness for the group's iconic leader.

5) RM at Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour

Jungkook is RM's biggest fanboy and no one can convince me otherwise.

This particular moment from BTS’ tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself (The Final) is enough for fans to know that Jungkook will forever be Nam-joon’s #1 fan. While the leader took the time to properly address ARMYs, JK patiently stared at RM.

The maknae seemed to be enthralled looking at RM, who promptly turned to ask him:

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Fans burst into laughter while witnessing the most Namkook moment ever. Jungkook's mesmerized eyes are a true testament of his love and affection for RM.

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