"Don’t know how to fully process what happened" - Michael Rainey Jr. responds after seemingly facing sexual assault on camera

Michael Rainey Jr. opens up about the s*xual assault incident that took place during a Twitch live stream. (Image via Joy Malone/Getty Images)

Popular actor Michael Rainey Jr opened up about the recent sexual assault incident that took place during a Twitch stream on Sunday, June 9, 2024. Addressing the situation, he wrote a message for his fans on Instagram, as he added to his stories saying:

"At this point, everyone has seen the video circulating online. I am still in shock and don’t know how to fully process what happened last night. This is an unfortunate situation that I can't condone in any way. I can’t take it lightly because I know I would be in serious trouble if the roles were reversed.”

He continued:

“The fact is, sexual assault is never okay, regardless of gender or status. We're all human, and we should respect each other. Most importantly, we should always respect ourselves.”

The incident took place recently when Michael Rainey Jr was invited to a Twitch stream hosted by TyTy James. As seen in plenty of videos circulating on social media, during the stream, Michael Rainey Jr was approached by a woman who entered the frame and reached towards Rainey’s groin area.

While the camera gets blocked by someone standing in front of Michael, he is seen getting uncomfortable. TMZ reported that the girl who grabbed Michael was Tylil’s sister Jahgee.

Tyty James apologised for the incident that took place with Michael Rainey Jr during the live stream

As the videos from live stream went viral, social media users condemned the act and started slamming the Twitch streamer’s sister for her actions. This prompted TyTy James to release a public apology for the same, as he stated on his Instagram story:

"After the actions that occurred during my stream last night I would like to sincerely apologize to Michael and his family for what took place. My little sister was completely wrong and out of line. What she did was very inappropriate and unacceptable. I am truly embarrassed and disgusted by her actions.”

While it is still unclear as to what decision and action Rainey would be taking, TyTy mentioned that he will “completely respect whatever direction Michael wants to go in this situation”.” He added:

“I will take extreme precautions with future streams to avoid similar issues and have banned her from participating in future streams. I do not condone any type of assault.”

After the incident took place, James stated that Michael Rainey Jr left immediately, and soon the “energy shifted.” However, he also stated that his sister is also “around celebrities all day,” and has not behaved in the same manner ever before.

As Michael Rainey Jr finally opened up and addressed the situation, social media users are now pouring in their support after the incident. Many also continue to talk about how uncomfortable Michael looked as the girl grabbed him inappropriately.

All in all, the incident has sparked yet another debate about sexual harassment on the internet, as several people continue to pour in their thoughts.

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