‘Dumb Dumb’ singer Jeon Somi shares her struggle with ‘celebrity disease’

Jeon Somi on Inkigayo fro XOXO comeback stage (Image via @somsomi0309/Instagram)
Jeon Somi on Inkigayo fro XOXO comeback stage (Image via @somsomi0309/Instagram)

K-pop soloist Jeon Somi recently made her breakthrough with DUMB DUMB, skyrocketing to fame. On MMTG variety show, the 20-year-old artist revealed that she once suffered the infamous ‘celebrity disease’. It was back in 2016 when she debuted in the 11-member girl group I.O.I.

She revealed that before she realized it, she “unconsciously” reached the peak of narcissistic behavior, i.e., the celebrity disease.

“I thought it was natural for other people to take care of me,” reveals Jeon Somi discussing the celebrity disease

The notorious celebrity disease in K-pop can affect an idol’s reputation. Celebrity disease is a term used to describe arrogant, rude, and narcissistic behavior. This includes them thinking the world revolves around them, which gives a tough time to multiple staff around them, such as their managers, makeup artists, choreographers, dance team, chauffeurs, and stylists.

Unfortunately, the stardom made the famous DUMB DUMB singer Jeon Somi experience it too. The singer appeared on MMTG’s episode 220, making it one of the most energetic episodes ever. Host Jae Jae revealed that she heard the soloist had a "brief moment" after I.O.I's debut, where she had an entitlement phase, aka, the celebrity disease. The singer then explained,

"No matter who, this is unconsciously done. They might not even realize it. They will have that phase 100%. We work 365 days and since we have to look perfect in order to work, I kind of became entitled because of that. Asking for a favor and saying, 'Do this please~' is very different. And I was doing that unconsciously."

Jeon Somi even added that she didn’t notice the change in her manner of speaking. One of the effects of the celebrity disease is thinking that everyone is entitled to work for the idol’s benefit. This sense of entitlement usually lands up in trouble.

The conversation took a turn when the ever-emphatic and cheerful host Jae Jae asked her when she realized she was in the grasp of the disease. Jeon Somi then revealed insider information, stating that a “Oh, they don’t greet the staffs” rumor always circulates in the industry after an idol’s debut, regardless of it being true or not. It was at that time she realized her mistake. She also revealed that self-discipline gained through martial arts helped clear her mind too.

“But I am a taekwondo athlete... Taekwondo, the martial art. So I was like, 'Huh? I acted entitled?' And I pulled myself together.”

Fans can watch the insightful MMTG with Jeon Somi video below:


Meanwhile, Jeon Somi released her debut solo album XOXO on October 29, 2021 and is currently promoting the same on music shows.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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