Eina Kwon GoFundMe raises more than $85,000 as pregnant Seattle restaurant owner and baby killed in Belltown shooting

Eina Kwon with her husband and son (Image via GoFundMe)
Eina Kwon with her husband and son (Image via GoFundMe)

In a tragic incident, Eina Kwon, a pregnant mother of a 2-year-old son and a restaurant owner in Seattle, was violently gunned down on Tuesday, June 13, in an unprovoked attack while her Tesla was stationary at a red light at Fourth Avenue and Lenora Street in Belltown, Seattle.

Eina Kwon, who owns the Aburiya Bento House, a sushi restaurant in Seattle, was commuting to work with her husband Sung-hyun Kwon, aged 37, on June 13. During their commute to work, an assailant identified as Maurice Goosby, 30, approached their car which was stopped at a light and fired several rounds directed at the couple.

Per multiple reports, Eina was shot four times, including once in the head, and was rushed into surgery at Harborview Medical Center. Her baby, who was delivered by emergency cesarean.

Authorities said that Eina was pronounced dead after the baby girl was born. The baby, who lived for a few minutes, died a short while later. Her husband, who was also injured in the incident, was treated and discharged on June 14.

In the wake of the tragedy, family members launched a GoFundMe to render financial assistance to Eina Kwon’s husband and son as they mourn the loss of the beloved wife and mother.

The fundraiser, which has raised over $85,000 in quick succession since its launch a day earlier, said that the family had moved to Seattle a few years ago after the couple encountered an opportunity to start a restaurant business in the city.

The assailant who shot Eina Kwon was a convicted felon who used a stolen weapon in the incident

Eina Kwon’s GoFundMe, which was created to raise $100,000, said that the assailant Maurice Goosby, 30, was arrested at the scene after he confessed to the killing.

The suspect, who is yet to be charged, told the police that he fired into the couple’s car as he thought they had a gun. However, surveillance footage from the area showed the suspect running with an extended arm to the driver's side door of the victim's car, which was stopped at an intersection, before firing multiple rounds at the scene.

The fundraiser, citing court documents, said:

“As he approached the vehicle, smoke could be seen coming from either the handgun he was firing or from the shattered glass window of the vehicle. Sung did not even notice someone approaching his vehicle.”

The fundraiser said that Goosby is a convicted felon who had stolen the weapon used in the shooting from the Lakewood area.

Eina Kwon was planning a birthday party for her 2-year-old son before she was gunned down

As authorities continue to investigate the case, the fundraiser said that Eina Kwon’s husband is trying to grapple with the immeasurable loss of his wife and baby girl, who died shortly after her birth:

“Sung is deeply immersed in grief over the loss of his loving wife and beautiful baby girl, while his older son is not yet aware that he will not be able to see his mom anymore. How could anyone explain this tragedy to a 2-year-old child who will never see his mom again?”

The page revealed that before her death, Eina Kwon was immensely excited at the prospect of throwing a birthday party for her toddler, who was about to turn 3 years old in a few weeks:

“I remember my friend, Eina, was very excited to customize her son's 3rd birthday cake and planned to have the party. His birthday is coming very soon, just a couple more weeks.”

The fundraiser explained that the funds raised would go towards paying for the funeral expenses and flying the victim’s parents, who live in Korea, to the United States.

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