Ethan and Hila Klein announce they are pregnant with one child after anticipating triplets

Ethan and Hila Klein announce they are no longer expecting triplets, but just one baby (Image via YouTube)
Ethan and Hila Klein announce they are no longer expecting triplets, but just one baby (Image via YouTube)
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Ethan and Hila Klein of the H3 podcast have officially announced that they are pregnant with one child. This follows the previous week's podcast where the husband-and-wife duo was highly anticipating triplets.

The Kleins announced their pregnancy in the H3 podcast episode titled "We're Pregnant!" in which Hila Klein surprised her husband and the audience by answering a text from their doctor in the middle of the live show.

Their doctor claimed Hila was "super pregnant." The couple stated that they were possibly expecting twins the week after, considering the latter's eating habits and gut feeling.


Ethan and Hila Klein announce one child pregnancy

Despite getting excited over the possibility of welcoming three new Klein children into the H3 family, fans were still exhilarated to find out that the family of three was going to become a family of four.

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Ethan previously expressed his nervousness for an additional three children, despite having wished to have three in total. Hila, however, claimed she didn't know what to do with the unbearable back pain, given that carrying triplets is a laborious and constant activity.

But in a live podcast aired on June 11th, the two surprised fans by stating they would only have one child.


Fans excited over new H3 baby

Fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for Ethan and Hila Klein. They met the news with cheer, positivity, and memes.

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Fans are ready to welcome the newest edition to the "foot soldier" army and are very excited to see Theodore become a big brother.

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