Ethan Klein reveals his new co-host in Frenemies podcast spinoff

Ethan Klein surprises fans with new and unexpected Frenemies co-host (Image via YouTube)
Ethan Klein surprises fans with new and unexpected Frenemies co-host (Image via YouTube)

H3H3's Ethan Klein shocked fans after announcing an official new co-host to the Frenemies podcast on June 23rd. The unexpected person was deemed an "upgrade" by fans.

Frenemies was started by the H3 podcast and was hosted by YouTubers Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas. The two began filming the show in late 2020 and had multiple pauses due to Paytas' behavioral issues that caused the team to regroup twice.

Frenemies officially ended in early June of 2021 due to both Klein and Paytas having irreconcilable differences when it came to finances, and the latter's say on employee hiring.

Controversy and speculation have surrounded Paytas' engagement to the brother of Klein's wife, Moses Hacmon, as many have begun to ask if either Hila or Hacmon were the true victims in the situation.


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Ethan Klein's new co-host

On Wednesday morning, Ethan Klein surprised fans of the H3 podcast by introducing a new co-host to a spinoff of the Frenemies podcast called "Families."

As people previously anticipated for the new co-host to be comedienne Whitney Cummings, fans were even more pleased to see Donna Klein, Ethan Klein's mother, as his new podcast partner.

Following the saga regarding Paytas and the infamous five percent revenue, Klein hinted that although Frenemies had come to an end, something was to air in its place each week.

The first episode of the Families podcast was titled "The New Host of Frenemies Is...." and featured Klein and his mother, Donna, taking quizzes, telling stories, and playing games such as "Who's the Boomer?"

At the end of the episode, Ethan announced that "Families" was going to be a reoccurring podcast, with potentially a different family member of his every week.


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Twitter calls newest Frenemies co-host an "upgrade"

A day before the new Families podcast had aired, Donna had called into an episode of H3 Afterdark to tell a funny story about Ethan Klein as a child.

Many fans expressed how fond they were of Donna and how hilarious and relatable they found the interactions between her and her son.

When fans found out Klein's mother was now a part of the H3 podcast family, they were extremely delighted and claimed she was an "upgrade," in reference to Klein's former co-host, Trisha Paytas.

As Ethan Klein has stated that "Families" is now going to be a regular show, fans are excited to see which family member of his will be guest hosting on the next episode.

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