"EXO THE KINGS OF SUMMER": EXOLs pumped as the members drop new photos for comeback track Cream Soda

EXO plays with colours in latest teasers for Cream Soda (Images via Twitter/weareoneEXO)
EXO plays with colours in latest teasers for Cream Soda (Images via Twitter/weareoneEXO)

New teasers of the EXO members have come out and fans are loving the constant content from their faves ahead of their comeback with EXIST, set to be released on July 10, at 6:00 pm KST. While in its last set of concept pictures for upcoming track Cream Soda, the group gave off dark and captivating charisma, the latest photos show the members against vibrant, popping hues of pink, green, and more, looking fresh and ready for the summer.

With their seventh full album and their eigth overall fast approaching, the members are actively posting their concept teaser photos, and fans are exhilarated, to say the least. One called the K-pop legends "THE KINGS OF SUMMER" amidst other tweets of the same strain.

"HOW TO SURVIVE?!!!": Fans wonder amidst EXO's colorful comeback rush

The last set of concept pictures dropped on July 4, revealing the members D.O., Xiumin, Suho, Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun posing both as a group and in individual shots.

The pictures have caused a lot of stir on social media since their release, with the group trending on Twitter under several tags. EXOLs (EXO fans) were mesmerized by the members' looks, with one wondering, "HOW TO SURVIVE?!!!" while another wrote, "EXO'S VISUALS ARE NO JOKE".

EXIST contains nine songs, and so far, pre-release singles Let Me In and Hear Me Out released on June 12 and June 30, respectively. Cream Soda is the title track for the album, all set to release on July 10, with the rest of the album. While the first two iTunes chart-topping songs were respectively a ballad and an R&B track, the third is a highly anticipated dance pop. The album, meanwhile, is a palette of different musical genres.

More on EXIST and the Love Shot singers

EXIST is the seventh Korean studio album from the 3rd generation K-pop boy group and is the first one to be promoted by the group of seven members as Kai is currently serving his mandatory military duty.

The group's last album was DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING, which released in 2021. EXIST comes two years after, making it eagerly-awaited.

While the group's latest releases, Let Me In and Hear Me Out, each topped iTunes charts in 30+ counries, fans are hopeful for what Cream Soda has to offer. Meanwhile EXO, called the 'King of K-pop,' debuted in the year 2012 under SM Entertainment, with its debut extended play Mama.

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