Fact Check: Did Newport police leak RHOC Shannon Beador's hit-and-run video? Viral clip debunked

RHOC Shannon Beador arrested for driving under the influence. (Image via Instagram/@shannonbeador)
RHOC Shannon Beador arrested for driving under the influence. (Image via Instagram/@shannonbeador)

RHOC's Shannon Beador was taken into custody at Newport Beach with two charges, a DUI and a Hit-and-Run, on the night of September 16, 2023. In the wake of the media frenzy surrounding her, a clip was uploaded to X (also known as Twitter), which spread across the internet like wildfire, gaining close to 164K views in two days.

The original poster was X user @tamrajudgyeyes. The caption claimed, "footage from the Newport Beach Police Department has leaked," with a 9-second video attached. It showed a speeding black car flying from one side of the street to the other, entirely skipping over the main road in between. It seemed to be about 4 feet high and traveled a distance of over 30 feet before crashing to a halt.

Likes and comments came in abundance. Despite it looking like someone had booked themselves a DUI charge that day, the clip was not Shannon Beador's. It also wasn't official footage from the Newport Beach Police Department.

Newport Beach Police Department did not leak RHOC Shannon Beador's footage

On September 18, X user @tamrajudgyeyes posted a supposed "leaked" clip by the Newport Beach Police Department, showing what led to Shannon Beador's recent arrest. The clip gained instant virality and had several fans initially believe it was real. This snowballed into other users hopping on the bandwagon, some wanting to see the footage now.

However, nothing quite grabbed attention like the first post since the internet's still interacting with it. On watching the video all the way through, fans quickly realized that it was just a video picked from the web and shared some laughs on the thread. At the time of writing, it has nearly 2,000 likes, 100+ comments, and double the retweets.

RHOC's Shannon Beador was arrested for "two misdemeanor charges" involving driving while intoxicated and a Hit-and-Run. While not too many details have come to light, officials say the incident occurred on Newport Beach's Jamboree Road on September 16. She swerved off the road, crashing into a house, after which she parked her car and acted like she was walking her pet.

The officers took her to the station after it was confirmed that she was under the influence of alcohol. After the news broke, fellow Bravolebrity Jeff Lewis took to a podcast to share more information on the case. He mentioned that Shannon had been injured due to the accident, and on spending time with her, he also realized she was distraught by her actions and held herself accountable.

Jeff stated that it was very out of character for Shannon to take charge of a car after drinking. He'd called her to a party that day, but she took a raincheck and stepped out anyway, getting herself into trouble. He believes her drinking stems from the major personal issues she's tackling.

In an exclusive with Radar, a Bravo representative said they won't be capturing the reactions of the other RHOC ladies to this incident. They said that the reunion had already been filmed too.

"We are wrapped up for the season," the Bravo rep said.

RHOC will return with an all-new episode, continuing season 17, on September 20 at 8 pm ET on Bravo.

Edited by Shreya Das
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