Fans ask, ‘Where is Lucas?’ as WayV releases 2022 Season’s Greetings without the member

WayV and NCT member Lucas for Gucci at the Gucci Aria Fashion Show (Image via Instagram/@lucas_xx444)
WayV and NCT member Lucas for Gucci at the Gucci Aria Fashion Show (Image via Instagram/@lucas_xx444)

WayV, NCT’s Chinese sub-unit, has released details about their upcoming 2022 Season’s Greetings package without Lucas, prompting fans to trend “Where is Lucas?” on Twitter. In August this year, the trend expresses most fans' concerns regarding the silent treatment behind Lucas’s ex-girlfriend gaslighting controversy.

However, an internal fan war has broken out as other WayV and NCT stans have reminded them that the member is on a hiatus. They’re also trying to control the chaos by asking them to support the remaining six members of WayV, as fans have been thrashing the group.

「 2022 SEASON’S GREETINGS #WayV 」Pre-Order will start on Wednesday, November 3 on various online shop.#WeiShenV #威神V

WayV and NCT’s Lucas excluded from the 2022 Season's Greetings merch as the idol remains on hiatus

On November 1, SM Entertainment teased details for WayV’s 2022 Season’s Greetings with a possible poster set of each member. Fans quickly noticed that the set missed NCT and WayV member Lucas. He was previously excluded from NCT’s merch, too, eliciting the same response from fans - demanding the member's return.

After the entire ex-girlfriend fiasco, fans are considerably upset with the company for not clearing up Lucas’s name. The last update from them and the idol was on August 25, when the company announced his hiatus, and the idol uploaded an apology letter.

The recent update of the Season’s Greetings has unleashed further havoc on Twitter, and the group’s fans got embroiled in an internal fan war.

As soon as WayV's official Twitter dropped the pre-order details, ‘Where is Lucas?’ started trending on Twitter. Under the hashtag, fans demanded an update from the company about their favorite member after months of silence.

I'm sorry? where is lucas?! bring lucas back sm!😭 #WhereIsLucas
@wh0sjaemin 1) They haven’t given a statement 2) It’s literally a forced hiatus
@WayV_official Sorry @WayV_official @SMTOWNGLOBAL not buying any merch where there is no Lucas. This is absolutely ridiculous. His hiatus is unnecessary. I’m so mad at the way you have handled thjs situation. You failed at protecting your artists. We want Lucas back. WayV is 7

Meanwhile, some WayV and NCT fans rose to the defense, stating that the idol has been on an “indefinite hiatus”, and it’s highly improbable for him to be included in any merch for at least the next six months.

“where is lucas?” hiatus bangang. hiatus = taking a break from their schedule which means he will not be included in any nct/wayv activities until he got announced that he’s back from hiatus
yall be asking where is lucas when he's literally on hiatus rn??? are you dumb or what
What do you mean where is lucas? Wtf do you guys think an indefinite hiatus is lmao

Some fans even found others camping under WayV members’ solo TikToks and, disregarding the efforts, demanding information on Lucas. While some agreed it was a meaningful conversation, doing so under other members’ content seemed disrespectful.

i miss lucas sm.. where is the statement sm?? i understand that he wont be able to participate in any activities including the greetings but dont left us clueless 😟
On every members tiktoks y’all annoying lumis commenting “WayV 7 NCT 23 Where is Lucas” are disrespectful af he is NOT THERE he is on a 7 MONTH HIATUS and won’t be there anytime soon leave the other 6 members ALONE and comment this shit somewhere else

What was NCT and WayV's Lucas scandal about?

Lucas’ controversy started on August 23 when a Twitter user claimed she was the idol’s ex-girlfriend and accused him of gaslighting, cheating, and leeching her off. Soon, a couple more netizens shared their experiences, claiming to be his ex-girlfriends too.

Photos, including flight tickets, personal images, chats, and even hotel check-ins, were provided as evidence. However, loyal fans found alleged proof of it being fake, as they overlapped Lucas’ official, very public schedule.

While fans demanded SM Entertainment give a clear statement, they only stated that the idol “is deeply reflecting on having caused great pain” and halted his activities. The idol, too, uploaded a vague personal apology on his Weibo account, which fans believe he was coerced to post.

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