Fans can’t stop gushing over BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Neymar’s viral pictures 

BLACKPINK'S Lisa and Neymar's Viral meetup (Image via Twitter/@pannchoa)

On Wednesday, January 25, BLACKPINK’s Lisa posted an Instagram story where K-Pop and soccer came together to melt down the internet. Lisa posted a photo of her and soccer superstar Neymar on her story and tagged the player, which Neymar later reposted on his story.

Neymar Jr. (also known as Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) is a Brazilian soccer player who plays as a forward for Ligue 1 Club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. With BLACKPINK visiting France for the Paris Fashion week and Neymar playing for his league, this meeting was a long-awaited dream for all soccer BLINKs, who knew Neymar was a BLINK as well.

“That's just so good”: Fans melt over Neymar and Lisa's picture in their stories

K-pop and soccer have often overlapped, but BLACKPINK and Neymar’s fan meet was long due. With BLACKPINK in Paris for their fashion week schedules, and Neymar in the same country, the soccer star met with BLACKPINK’s maknae, and clicked a picture together.

After Lisa posted the picture on her story, it immediately went viral, with even Neymar posting it. Even his official Twitter page posted the same. With Lisa having an impressive following of 81.7M and Neymar having 202M followers, the picture received over a million views and tweets in a day.

One fan even mentioned that this is a great day for soccer BLINKs as their two worlds are colliding together with their soccer and K-pop stars in a single frame. Fans have even posted edits of Lisa and Neymar, awaiting a collaboration soon for their iconic meetup.

@LISANATIONS_ @BLACKPINK It's rare for LISA to upload her pic with anyone on her ig story, I love this lisa and Neymar in one frame 🫶😍 ,keep coming more pics like this LALISA 🙏 I vote #LISA (#MONEY) for "KPOP SOLO OF THE YEAR " category at the 2022#TopMusicUniverse Awards
Remember when Neymar showed his support for blackpink’s new song pink venom back in 2022, and now he met Lisa, thats just so good😭#LISA #NEYMAR
neymar played pubg with blackpink's pack, he posted about pink venom when it came out, and now he met lisa and reposted her story, head blink i think 🫶
#LISA and #Neymar: the two legends finally met

Neymar is BLACKPINK's biggest fan

The soccer star has long been a BLACKPINK fan. He shared their music videos on Twitter and even danced to their song How You Like That while playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in 2021.

Neymar has even used the BLACKPINK skins package for his PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Neymar was also among the many BLINKs who had cheered on Blackpink’s song Pink Venom back in August 2022.

Time and again, Neymar has proved he's a BLINK. Unfortunately for Neymar, his PSG team has two matches on the same weekend as Coachella, so he will almost certainly miss BLACKPINK's historic headlining performance in the desert.

Neymar escutando e dançando BLACKPINK #LISA #MONEY LISA
i genuinely don't get why some blinks are pressed over neymar meeting lisa. idk and i kinda dc abt what he did, it's his own right to be able to meet the girls. he has been a fan and a supporter of them since wayy back
I'm sorry these are the most insane crossovers ever wdym lisa with federer and neymar

BLACKPINK is currently in Paris for Le Gala des Pièces Jaunes, a charity event hosted by France's First Lady, Brigitte Macron. Many French and international artists will perform at the concert to benefit hospitalized children and adolescents.

With BLACKPINK touring all over Asia, there could be chances for more celebrity interactions and lucky BLINKs getting to meet the revolutionary girl group.

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