Fans list down Mnet’s mistreatments towards Huening Bahiyyih on Girls Planet 999

Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter.@PlayM_Official)
Huening Bahiyyih (Image via Twitter.@PlayM_Official)
Afreen Khan

As Girls Planet 999 nears its finale, loyal fans of Huening Bahiyyih have made a list of all the ‘mistreatments’ the trainee has been subjected to by Mnet. These include weird fan-camera zoom-ins, cutting off her ending part, choosing an “unflattering” thumbnail for her fancam, and more.

They believe the trainee has been a victim of ‘evil editing, and has even been used to generate clout by showing her video call conversation with her brother, the popular K-pop group, TXT’s Huening Kai. While this has been going on since episode one, one fan has made an entire list of everything wrong with Mnet’s treatment of Huening Bahiyyih.

Huening Bahiyyih’s mistreatment by Mnet and judges on Girls Planet 999 has fans fuming

Fans have been voicing out their discontent of Mnet’s ‘unfair’ treatment towards Huening Bahiyyih. Now, one particular fan has gone a step further and taken responsibility for listing them all down in one Twitter thread. As fans continue voting diligently for her to help her debut, they have also listed the various ways they’ve noticed Mnet not treating Huening Bahiyyih correctly, during the entire three-month period of the show.

This ‘mistreatment’ in turn makes viewers think she’s lacking, which is certainly not the case, as fans provide enough behind-the-scenes proof.

The Twitter user @holyhiyyih started listing things down from the start. In episode 2, she talked about how Mnet “used siblings for clout” as they showed only Huening Bahiyyih’s interaction with the TXT idol and pointed out the mistakes in the dance.

mnet showed her videocall with her brother, txt's huening kai (which they most likely told her to do), and everyone reacting to this more than the team's actual performance. they used the siblings for clout. then they only showed the group's mistakes and not the full performance.

In the next performance, they didn’t show her group’s intermediate evaluation. Another major point fans found out is that judges never praised her for her vocals or dancing.

now, bahiyyih was the most stable out of all the group. many had unstable voices, but all of gp999 twt can agree that bahiyyih was the most stable dancer and vocal, with a great voice and presence. masters never praised her notabe skills like the others.

Even her dance improvisations received no praise; at least the praise did not get through the final episode cut.

everyone knows how good that performance was, and the judges were very happy with that stage, unfortunately once again, the masters never praised bahiyyih after the performance. sunmi said in the interm eval that she has great energy for a tall girl, for which i am thankful for

In episode 10, as the other members of the Shoot team received criticism, the judges once again failed to praise her.

in the most recent episode 10, bahiyyih's team performed shoot. they were judged harshly in interm evaluations because they had unstable vocals. but the thing is, hiyyih (and myah i believe) had actually good vocals and they didn't even mention it. they only reprimanded the group

In the CREATION MISSION, Huening Bahiyyih’s outfit was the odd one out. Other members were given crop tops with shorts or pants, whereas she was given an oversized t-shirt with pink knee caps.

AND although she has a lean figure, they gave her the crap outfit. she is the only one without a crop top, also what the hell are those knee caps pls. they chose the most unflattering thumbnail they could for her too but since she is so beautiful this all worked in her favor. 🤭

Next up is the poor individual fancam. Her fancam even cuts off her face and her sides in multiple instances.

for the shoot individual fancams, they did the absolute worst job they possibly could with hiyyih's cam. it's shaky, has weird unnecessary zoom, and cuts of her face!! just look at the comparison between her other members (this is in no way hating on yujin, it is mnets fault):

Then there’s them cutting her off from the team’s frame and the ending fairy for their stage Ice Cream.

here is what she REALLY did:

With just the finale left, fans are hoping Mnet treats Huening Bahiyyih right and that she finally gets to achieve her dream of debuting.

Meanwhile, Mnet Girls Planet 999’s finale voting’s second round will start tomorrow, during the finale live-stream on October 22.

Edited by Prem Deshpande
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