Fans love the representation in NewJeans’ Hype Boy music videos

A still from NewJeans' Hype Boy HANNI version music video (Image via YouTube/HYBE LABELS)
A still from NewJeans' Hype Boy HANNI version music video (Image via YouTube/HYBE LABELS)

Min Hee-jin’s much-awaited new girl group NewJeans is shaking up the K-pop industry and how. After debuting straightaway with a music video and song, the group’s latest release, Hype Boy, received much attention from fans for its diverse representation and concept.

NewJeans’ Hype Boy has a music video for each member as the center of the story. The love interests of the members are anything but typical white boys. With the aim of creating a global girl group, Min Hee-jin’s group is ticking all the right boxes to gain international attention.

In one member’s story, she falls in love with a dark-skinned boy while another member falls for a masked dancer, who is later revealed to be probably gender fluid or transgender or non-binary. The former had no qualms when the dancer’s identity was revealed.

Fans highly praised the positive representation, especially in South Korean society, which still has conservative opinions regarding sex and gender.

NewJeans’ Hype Boy music videos gain praise for diverse representation

Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein made waves when they debuted as New Jeans on July 22, 2022 with Attention under HYBE’s sub-label ADOR. The group instantly trended on social media with their unique introduction.

On July 23, the group released another music video titled Hype Boy. It too grabbed fans' attention soon enough. Rather than the ordinary route, Hype Boy had an unconventional style. It had each member enjoying the center position with an individual storyline in the music videos. In total, the song has six videos, an intro, and five member-specific version videos.

The visuals of Hype Boy are as modern as the story itself. In particular, it is the LGBTQ+ representation that has people more hyped up about the song.

In Minji’s story, she falls for a black boy she meets at an amusement park. They exchanged a few interactions and then met at the pool party, sharing another adorable moment.

Hyein, on the other hand, starts liking an asthmatic boy. Reactions for Hyein’s music video were divided. Some interpreted the ending as the boy being gay and making fun of the girls, while some praised the inclusion of a boy who has asthma.

Hanni’s version was another video that received a lot of love from fans. She crushes on a dancer who never reveals their face.

At the end of the video, the dancer pulls down their mask and is shown being a person from the non-binary, gender-fluid or trans community. Hanni remains as smitten as ever, even after learning about her favorite masked dancer.

Meanwhile, Danielle and Haerin's version hints towards a sapphic relationship. The girls initially dated a basketball player, only to realize that they were being cheated on. The rest of the scenes show a natural love brew between the two. They are also seen stealing glances while dancing, walking hand-in-hand and sharing the same popsicle.

NewJeans is managed by Min Hee-jin, HYBE’s current Chief Brand Officer and former SM Entertainment creative and board director. She was behind the iconic debuts and artworks of SME’s classic groups f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and more.

Fans couldn’t stop praising Min Hee-jin for her unique ways of debuting NewJeans, making it one-of-a-kind. With a splashing debut and two addictive tracks already released, all eyes are on NewJeans to see what further surprises they have up their sleeves.

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Edited by Nikhil Vinod