First look of webcomic-based show Kiss Sixth Sense featuring Seo Ji-hye and Yoon Kye-sang officially out

Promo still of Kiss Sixth Sense (Image via Disneypluskr/Instagram)
Promo still of Kiss Sixth Sense (Image via Disneypluskr/Instagram)

The first look of Disney+ Hotstar show Kiss Sixth Sense was released on the streaming platform’s official social media handle on Tuesday, April 19. The promo still features the lead pair of the show, Seo Ji-hye and Yoon Kye-san, in proximity. It looks as if Seo Ji-hye’s character, Hong Ye-sool, is about to kiss Yoon Kye-sang’s character, Cha Min-ho.

The still is a callback to the plot of the show, which is based on a popular webcomic titled Kiss Six Sense created by Gatnyeo, which was published between March 6, 2019 and August 19, 2020 via Naver.

Kiss Sixth Sense plot and release date

Kiss Sixth Sense, slated to be released on May 26, is about a young woman with a special talent. Ye-sool has the strange ability to foretell someone’s future anytime she kisses someone. The catch, however, is that she is unable to pinpoint the exact date or even the time of the occurrence. She can only see them unfold when her lips come into contact with anyone.

At the beginning of the webcomic, Ye-sool ends up accidentally touching her boss Min-hu with her lips and foresees a scene that puts her in an uncomfortable position. She sees herself with her boss in bed, indicating that the two might end up together.

Now, she is unable to figure out how or why this event occurs, and Ye-sool must navigate around this knowledge as she works.

How Ye-sool deals with this revelation will be the crux of this K-drama. The show will be streamed exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, similar to shows such as Grid and Soundtrack #1. It is unclear if the makers will drop singular episodes every week, or if the show will follow the Korean broadcasting format and go with two new episodes every week. The number of episodes the show will have has not been revealed as of now either.

Kiss Sixth Sense also stars Kim Ji-suk and Lee Joo-yeon in lead roles. The anticipation around this show is high as the webcomic that it is based on is popular among comic lovers.

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