Fu Yaning says her ‘We go up’ diss to CLC’s Yujin was scripted on Girls Planet 999

Left: Fu Yaning, Right: CLCs Choi Yujin in Girls Planet 999 1st Episode (Screenshots via Youtube/@LoanExps)
Left: Fu Yaning, Right: CLCs Choi Yujin in Girls Planet 999 1st Episode (Screenshots via Youtube/@LoanExps)

The viral moment where Chinese contestant Fu Yaning dissed CLC’s Yujin on Girls Planet 999 was reportedly entirely scripted. The trainee was at the receiving end of a lot of flak online as viewers believed she was disrespecting the former K-pop idol with no remorse.

However, in a recent interview with a Chinese publication, the trainee revealed that Mnet “made her say the words,” as reported by allkpop.

Chinese contestant Fu Yaning reveals Mnet forced her to say harsh comments to CLC's Yujin on Girls Planet 999

On July 20, Mnet released a preview clip of Girls Planet 999’s first episode. The preview showed Fu Yaning, a trainee and a C-group contestant dissing the popular K-pop idol, Choi Yujin of CLC, by twisting CLC’s Helicopter song lyrics. The clip even showed surprising reactions from the judges and Yujin, deepening the intensity of Fu Yaning’s words.

The preview unleashed the wrath of netizens, as many criticized the young trainee for disrespecting the idol. They even complained that Mnet had resorted to their old evil editing tactics by purposely showing the diss to rake in views for their premiere episode.

In a recent interview with '小婉little bowl,' Fu Yaning revealed that the dialogs were scripted. Even the atmosphere shown in the final edit was different in reality. She claimed that the staff “made her say the words”, giving rise to one of the most unforgettable moments from the survival drama. She started her explanation by mentioning how deeply she respects CLC as her senior, adding that the mentors and staff wanted her to be harsh to Yujin.

She further stated that Mnet’s editing made it worse, while in reality, both ladies shared a good relationship throughout the show.

The trainee, who unfortunately did not end up on the final debut list, also revealed that the negative reactions after the clip took a toll on her. Fu Yaning even stated that it seemed like she was “fine”, but she was holding back her tears the entire time. She called her parents and cried a lot, expressing that it was hard. Even the fellow C-group members called and texted her to check on her after watching the episode.

While fans have been slamming Mnet since Fu Yaning’s reveal, host Lee Seung Gi and dance master Baek Koo Kyung are receiving flak too. They prompted the trainee to answer their questions regarding Yujin, which fans speculate may have also been scripted by Mnet.

Check out Girls Planet 999’ fans’ reactions below:

Meanwhile, the interviewer '小婉little bowl' announced that the full interview will be released in a few days. It will most likely be posted on her Weibo account.

In other news, C-group contestant Liang Qiao also exposed Mnet’s harmful living and filming conditions during Girls Planet 999 back in September.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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