Gabbie Hanna returns to YouTube after receiving backlash for her confession series 

Gabbie Hanna reenters the YouTube scene in an odd way (Image via YouTube)
Gabbie Hanna reenters the YouTube scene in an odd way (Image via YouTube)

Gabbie Hanna recently returned to YouTube following her two week hiatus after receiving large volumes of hate due to her confession series.

30-year-old YouTuber, Gabbie Hanna was condemned by the entire YouTube community after posting multiple episodes of her series titled, Confessions of a WashedUp YouTube HasBeen which detailed her various "beefs" with different YouTubers such as Joey Graceffa, Jessi Smiles, Jen Dent, Ricegum, and more.

However, her series garnered the most attention when she posted a video specifically targeting Jessi Smiles, who had previously been sexually assaulted. Gabbie accused her former-friend of being "manipulative" and a liar, causing a heaping amount of backlash to ensue across all social media platforms.

Jessi Smiles was eventually able to eventually clap back with her own video explaining the situation, claiming that Gabbie Hanna had failed to leave her alone for years. Her video has garnered over four million views.


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Gabbie Hanna sings her way back online

On Monday afternoon, Gabbie Hanna shocked Twitter users when she returned to the internet in a unique way.

In a video titled, Sorry... I'm Late, Gabbie was seen frolicking around her bathtub while singing a grimacing song about how she felt.

The video featured odd facial expressions and lyrics and many people were prompted to ask the 30-year-old if she was okay, and urged her to get help.


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Since many thought Gabbie was going to address the ongoing accusations against her, people clicked on the video with an open mindset.

However, as she began singing, Twitter users grew overtly concerned and expressed their discontent online.

Meanwhile, others pleaded with her not to post more episodes of the confession series, and instead seek professional help.

Given that Gabbie Hanna's career has only spiraled downward since her confession series began in late-June, it has not been confirmed if she will continue to post more episodes.

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