“Get a real job”: Twitch streamer Robcdee gets called out by a passerby mid-stream as he laughs it off

Robcdee recxentlhad a rude encounter in Tokyo (Image via Twitter & Robcdee stream)
Robcdee recently had a rude encounter in Tokyo (Image via Twitter & Robcdee stream)
Modified 03 May 2021

Twitch streamer Rob “Robcdee” Dee had a rather rude encounter during his recent IRL broadcast when a passerby told him to “get a real job” mid-stream.

During a May 2nd broadcast, the IRL streamer was strolling around in the streets of Japan when a man walking by rudely interrupted and told him to get a real job.

Robcdee quickly responded by shrugging off his comments in a mocking tone, replying back to the passerby, and laughing it off.

Robcdee chooses IRL broadcast streaming over “a real job”

“No, I don’t want a real job. I like streaming.”

This was Robcdee’s response, just as a user donated to the streamer. Fans can check out the video below.

The chatboard was quick to hear the passer-by’s comment and was filled with ‘KEKW’ responses from fans laughing it off with the streamer.

Who is Robcedee?

Robcdee is an Australian Twitch streamer currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. He boasts around 138k followers on Twitch and even a platform on YouTube, with over 25.6k subscribers.

Robcdee is well known for his amusing IRL broadcasts where he’s seen helping out tourists in Tokyo and interacting with the locals. The English-born streamer’s journey so far has had him in the face of many wild encounters during his strolls.

One such hilarious incident had him mistaking a man in the streets for having been “so pious” in praying religiously, but only to later find out he was, in fact, defecating.

In another shocking encounter, the IRL Twitch streamer saved a woman from a stalker.

Earlier in February, Robcdee rented out an office in Tokyo as part of the process for his work visa stay.

It’s safe to say this won’t be Rob’s last wild IRL broadcast in the city.

Published 03 May 2021
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