"Gina is a snake": Fans blast 'RHOC' star for snitching on Noella Bergener to Heather Dubrow

'RHOC' housewives Gina Kirschenheiter and Noella Bergener (Image via Instagram/ginakirschenheiter and noellanoelbergener)
'RHOC' housewives Gina Kirschenheiter and Noella Bergener (Image via Instagram/ginakirschenheiter and noellanoelbergener)

RHOC Season 16 newcomer Noella Bergener was the highlight of the recently released episode which was filled with drama. After betraying Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter has done it again with Bergener.

Previously, Kirschenheiter went behind Beador’s back and revealed their private conversation to Heather Dubrow. It then spiraled into a mess that ruined the friendship of Dubrow and Beador.

In the latest episode, Kirschenheiter snitched on Noella Bergener to Dubrow. Apparently, Bergener claimed that Dubrow was manipulative and untrustworthy. Bergener had shared her thoughts with Kirschenheiter in private. However, Kirschenheiter didn’t take much time to throw Bergener under the bus.

Kirschenheiter’s actions have highly disappointed fans, and they have blasted her on Twitter:

Again, Gina opening her mouth when she shouldn’t to Heather. First about Shannon, now with Noella. Gina, I like you but you have a tattle tale big mouth. Be quiet. The truth will come out without you blabbing. You worship Heather. Bizarre. #RHOC
Gina throwing the other women under the bus just to please Heather. #RHOC
Gina agreeing on everything Heather thinks and says.Heather:’I don’t know about Noella…’Gina:…#RHOC
Gina proves again that she can't be trusted. #rhoc
Gina learn to STFU! Bet she'll cry when called out abt this too #RHOC
Gina you’re being messy girl.. #RHOC
Gina what is this agenda for going around being a tell tale? Is Heather keeping you on the payroll? Git!! #RHOC

Will Heather Dubrow’s next target be Noella Bergener?

Kirschenheiter snitching on both Beador and Bergener has created some tension among the housewives.

Noella Bergener is shown going through a personal crisis. In the previous episode, Nicole James went to lunch with her to show support, but fans didn’t find her empathetic. Instead of cutting Bergener some slack, James went ahead and told Dubrow that the newcomer called her "fake b**ch".

After listening to James and Kirschenheiter, it seems like Dubrow will not remain silent for a long time.

What happened on Episode 5?

Titled 'A Tele-Noella', the fifth episode primarily focused on Noella Bergener. While she was seen crying on several occasions due to her divorce, she also grabbed attention by lashing out at Dr. Jen Armstrong.

The duo didn’t seem to be on friendly terms since the beginning of the season. Apparently Armstrong tagged Bergener in some photos in the past, even when they were not friends. In Episode 5, the two had a spat at Emily Simpson’s house party.

According to Armstrong, Bergener called her "ugly" and "thirsty". The doctor appeared to be quite furious at Bergener even after the event when some of the housewives met at Armstrong’s house. The host questioned her new enemy’s marital status and portrayed her as fake.

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