"Nicole is the literal worst": Fans blast 'RHOC' star for backstabbing Noella Bergener

'RHOC' stars Nicole James and Noella Bergener (Image via Instagram//itsnicolejames and noellanoelbergener)
'RHOC' stars Nicole James and Noella Bergener (Image via Instagram//itsnicolejames and noellanoelbergener)
Sushmita Sen

Nicole James showed viewers a totally different side of herself in the fourth episode of RHOC Season 16 where she was seen backbiting her friend Noella Bergener while speaking to Heather Dubrow.

RHOC fans are furious with James over this, especially because Bergener is currently going through a tough phase on the show after her husband filed for divorce.

During the entirety of Episode 4, Bergener was seen crying and looking helpless. She met James for lunch and broke down in front of her, which made James feel embarrassed.

While viewers thought she could have shown some empathy toward Bergerner, James went ahead and told Dubrow that Bergener called her “fake b*tch.” James clarified that the heartbroken RHOC newcomer was drunk and might not remember saying it.

Nicole James makes fans angry

As per RHOC fans, James shouldn’t have brought up her lunch with Bergerner. The latter seems to be going through a hard time, and viewers were disappointed at how James handled the situation.

Here’s how the angry fans reacted:

Nicole is the literal worst. #rhoc
Nicole really wants Noella to snap and have a full fledge meltdown by telling Heather, doesn’t she? #RHOC
Now we know why Nicole is on the show, to stir that pot! #rhoc
Nicole is being a horrible person all the wayy around 🥴#rhoc
Wow Nicole! Shows what kinda backstabbing friend you are! Noella run, and quick! #rhoc
Yeah Nicole isn’t my cup of tea on #RHOC She so fake.
Nicole’s a horrible “ friend” wowzers! #RHOC
Now why would Nicole repeat something Noella said while she was liquored up and going through a breakdown? You can barely muster a hug, and now want to repeat what I’ve said in a vulnerable state?#RHOC
Nicole gives off the worst vibes #RHOC
Not a fan of Nicole. One bit. #RHOC

What happened in 'RHOC' Episode 4?


RHOC Episode 4 featured another party which resulted in more drama. The beginning of the episode was focused on Bergerner’s tragedy, Shannon Beador’s bond with daughter Stella, Gina Kirschenheiter-Emily Simpson’s dinner conversation and Dubrow paying a visit to Dr. Jennifer “Jen” Armstrong’s house.

The drama level went high up toward the end of Episode 4 at Simpson’s party. She invited family and friends to her house to celebrate her husband passing his bar exam after a long period of time.

Simpson was seen telling Dubrow that there would be no drama at her party, but ended up being the instigator. She confronted Beador about calling her and Kirschenheiter “manipulative” and untrustworthy.

The confrontation ended with Beador and Dubrow having a conversation about their ugly fight. The former RHOC star apologized for talking about Dubrow’s family secret to others. In response, the millionaire housewife threatened Beador.

Dubrow said:

“If you ever come after my family, you are going to lose a lot more than just my friendship.”

What happens between the two will likely be the focus of the next episode. RHOC Season 16 airs new episodes every Wednesday at 9.00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Bravo.

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