"Goodness gracious": Dancing Queens fans call out Sabrina for not prioritizing her family

Is Sabrina doing too much? (Image via sabrinaofficialdq/ Instagram)
Is Sabrina doing too much? (Image via sabrinaofficialdq/ Instagram)

Episode 5 of Dancing Queens aired on Bravo on Tuesday, June 6, and it featured Sabrina once again telling her family that she would be skipping an important event for a dance competition. Even though Sabrina has already ranked first in the New Orleans competition, she wants to compete in more shows with the other ladies.

After skipping her family's passover festival, she has now said that she will not be attending her daughter Chloe's dance recital. Sabrina instead taught her housekeeper how to set her daughter's hair for the day of the event.

This caused a huge fight between Sabrina and her husband Ronnie, as the former said that the competitions were "not my fault." Sabrina also told Ronnie that she has always been there for the family and always used to dress up her daughters.

When Ronnie asked her about his upcoming tennis match on Thursday, Sabrina quipped that it was just a practice session and that he was not coming home with any trophies. Ronnie was shocked by this and told Sabrina that skipping family functions had become her pattern.

Dancing Queens fans agreed with Ronnie that Sabrina was really skipping all of the family's important milestones and festivals for ballroom dancing.

Dancing Queens fans slam Sabrina for being "selfish"

Sabrina's sister was concerned that the former was not spending enough time with her daughters and was not treating her family as a priority.

However, in response, Sabrina started to blame the Jewish upbringing where women are supposed to stay at home and not go dance with others. She also said that the kids were a priority for her, but dancing was a part of her identity.

Fans called her out for being "selfish" and not paying attention to her family.

Other contestants on Dancing Queens think that Sabrina is very confident about winning

Sabrina and her dance partner Stas used to dominate the Group A category for multiple years and have now been in top ranks of Group B category for 2 competitons. The other contestants felt that Sabrina was way too confident of her winnings and Gaëlle reminded her that she should never boast about her performance, as anything could happen.

This caused Sabrina to have a breakdown after her dance practice, as she was afraid of not being able to dance properly in front of everyone. Even the producers had to step in to calm her down.

In the next episode, Sabrina will be seen dancing against a new competitor, Leonie, who came first in the Atlantic ballroom competition.

Bravo airs new episodes of Dancing Queens every Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

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