"Here for her audition to #RHONY": Dancing Queens fans slam Leonie as she skips two dance competitions in a row

Leonie plans to competing in a small dance competition (Image via Bravo)
Leonie plans to competing in a small dance competition (Image via Bravo)

Dancing Queens episode 3 aired on Bravo on Tuesday, May 23, and while all the competitors were seen getting ready for the New Orleans competition, Leonie had other plans in her mind. She decided to skip the competition and go for the Atlantic City ballroom championship, to "test her steps" along with her dance partner Kostiantyn “Koysta” Samarskyi.

Leonie explained that she wanted to play it "safe and small" until she was sure of victory. She also said that the small competition in Atlantic City will help her get the "confidence" to dance with the other ladies for big championships. This is not the first time Leonie has skipped such a big event.

She also decided not to participate in the tri-state competition in the first episode, as she was unsure of her performance. Leonie revealed in a confessional that she still hears her parents' voices everyday as they did not accept normal performance in anything. Her father even refused to talk to her at times when she did not get the first position.

She confessed that she had some serious cases of "over analysis paralysis" but that did not stop her from giving advice to her friend Donie to change her look for the upcoming competition.

Dancing Queens fans could not understand why Leonie agreed to participate in the show when she was unwilling to dance in big title competitions.

Dancing Queens fans think Leonie is "too intense"

Dancing Queens fans slammed Leonie for skipping two big competitions in a row while her co-stars practiced hard for the same. Many felt that she was being "too intense" for the competitions.

Even Leonie's friend admitted that she could be too hard on herself.

What happened in Dancing Queens episode 3?

Bravo's description of the episode read:

"Leonie still feels insecure about her partnership with Koysta and her own ability, so they head to a smaller competition near home; desperate to avenge her second-place finish at TriState, Sabrina leaves her family to celebrate Passover without her."

Pooja Mehta and Kristijan Burazer finally made their first appearance on the show. Colette wanted to win over them as Kristijan left her to dance with Pooja and got very upset when her new partner Alex revealed that he was sick. Colette practiced for the competition on her own but started to feel sick herself.

The other girls complained about Sabrina wanting attention 24/7 and shaded her multiple times in their confessionals. They headed to New Orleans together for the competition. Sabrina had to leave her family in the passover week, which is very big for them, for the competition as she wanted to avenge her last defeat.

Dancing Queens airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET. Fans can also stream the show on the Peacock streaming application.

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