What happened between Sabrina Strasser and Stanislav Kochergin on Dancing Queens season 1 premiere? Feud explored

Will Sabrina Strasser and Stanislav Kochergin sort out there fight before the competition? (Image via sabichicto/ Instagram)
Sabrina Strasser and Stanislav Kochergin's fight (Image via sabichicto/Instagram)

Dancing Queens premiered on Bravo on Tuesday, May 9. The show features the journeys of six ballroom dancers participating in the Pro-Am Latin Ballroom competition. In the dance competition, the contestants have to pay thousands of dollars to buy accessories and get professional coaches to help them with their routines.

The episode featured Sabrina Strasser fighting with her dance partner Stanislav "Stas" Kochergin as the latter kept on insisting that Sabrina let him take the lead. She refused to do so and instead kept on slamming Stas for not letting her dance. Stanislav felt that Sabrina was nervous about dancing in group B for the first time and asked her about the same.

She stormed off the stage yelling that she was "done" and said:

"I wish I had a partner who would dance."

Stas tried to lighten the mood by asking if she was done with that particular practice or dancing in general. However, Sabrina was not amused by this and left the studio. Strasser revealed that the duo often fought like husband and wife and revealed that there were "moments where we want to kill each other." She also said that there was a "power struggle" between them as Stas did not treat her as an equal.

Dancing Queens star Colette wants to benefit from Sabrina- Stanislav fight

Colette Marotto is also participating in the upcoming tri-state dance competition. She confessed that both Sabrina and Stas were very "intense and passionate" dancers and so "bickering" was normal for them. She also admitted that their fight would give her an advantage on stage and said:

"All is fair in war and ballroom.”

Colette herself is paired with Oleksiy "Alex" Pigotskyy on Dancing Queens after her ex-dance partner Kristijan Burazer left her to dance with Pooja.

Sabrina has been dancing in Group A (dancers aged 16 to 35) for many years, dominating the field in multiple competitions with her dance partner Stanislav "Stas" Kochergin. However, she was now nervous about competing against new people in Group B (dancers aged 36 to 50).

Leonie called her the "best of the best" but the others felt that Sabrina thought that the spotlight was always on her. Sabrina herself confessed that she loved dancing as she became the "center of attention." In an interview with USA Magazine, she revealed that she is "manifesting" competing on DWTS and dancing with a pro on stage.

What happened on Dancing Queens episode 1?

Bravo's description of the series reads:

"Passion and glamour meet the rigorous demands of the ballroom dance competition world as a group of dancer friends juggle the realities of their personal lives with their dedication to dance. In the end, 'all is fair in war and ballroom.'"

The first episode of Dancing Queens featured the introduction of the six ladies as they tried to sabotage each other's performances. Pooja has already taken Colette's dancing partner and the latter described it as a heartbreak.

Leoni revealed that Ballroom dancing gave her a "high" and mentioned that her alter-ego was Cleopatra. One of the contestants even revealed that she spent six figures on Ballroom dancing in one month. The cast went to the popular make-up professional Boyko before taking the stage for their tri-state competition.

Dancing Queens airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET. Fans can also stream the show on the network's website and on Peacock.

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