"No way": Dancing Queens fans upset as Donie fails to win the tri-state competition

Did Donie lose the championship because of her weight? (Image via Bravo)
Did Donie lose the championship because of her weight? (Image via Bravo)

Episode 2 of Dancing Queens aired on Bravo this Tuesday, May 16, at 9 pm ET. The episode featured the cast members competing in the tri-state Pro-Am dance competition, where they had to perform five dances in a row across multiple rounds. The dancers gave their best on stage as the competition was very intense.

In the episode, Donie Burch was seen dancing very effortlessly yet in a passionate manner. She reached the finals because of her smooth performance, but failed to win the competition. Donie ranked sixth in the competition while some of the other performers who did not dance as well as her held the upper ranks.

In a confessional, Burch explained that she lost because she was not the "prettiest one" on stage and most of the women were very thin, unlike her. She added that she gained a lot of weight in 2020 after losing her father, as she felt lonely without him. She decided to get over the tri-state loss and start preparing for the next dance competition.

Dancing Queens fans thought that there was no way that a talented dancer like Donie should have ranked sixth. They felt that she deserved to win.

Dancing Queens fans support Donie after the competition

Donie's Bravo description read:

"While she may not have a “typical” dancer’s physique, Donie fears the judges are rating her appearance more than her ability."

After she lost the tri-state competition despite giving terrific performances in all the rounds, Dancing Queens fans extended support to her on social media.

What happened on Dancing Queens in episode 2?

Bravo's description of the episode read:

"The first competition kicks off, and the women leave it all on the dance floor; Sabrina vows to redeem her second-place finish; Colette spends quality time with her son; Leonie still doesn't feel ready to tackle a big competition."

Sabrina was upset after coming second in the competition and decided to skip the passover festival to train for the upcoming New Orleans dance championship. This upset her husband, but she reminded him that she had done nothing for the past two years apart from staying at home with her kids.

Sabrina was also shocked to learn that her partner was going back home for a week, so they just had one practice session to get their steps right for the competition.

Meanwhile, Colette was upset after failing to qualify for the finals and wondered if it was because of her ex-dance partner, who left her just months before the championship. She also revealed that he "broke up with her" over a text, saying that he was going to work with another dancer.

Bravo airs fresh episodes of Dancing Queens every Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

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