Who is Donie Burch? Meet the Dancing Queens cast member ahead of season premiere

Donie Burch set to appear in Dancing Queens
Donie Burch set to appear in Dancing Queens (Image via Instagram/@donycie)

Bravo’s Dancing Queens is set to air this week. In the upcoming dancing show, the crew will follow the lives of six dancers as they compete in the Pro-Ams along with their professional dancing partners.

One of the six dancers set to compete in the show is Donie Burch, who moved to New York after graduating from college to pursue her dream of being a dancer. She currently works as a retail director at the Broadway Dance Center in New York.

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Dancing Queens on Bravo.

Meet Donie Burch ahead of her appearance on Dancing Queens

One of the six dancers set to appear in Bravo’s upcoming reality show is Donie Burch. She has been dancing her entire life and studied dance performance in college, according to her Bravo bio.

It adds that since she doesn’t look like a traditional Latin dancer, her appearance may affect the ratings she gets during the competition. She will be paired up with professional dancer Iliah Vinikovskiy for the show.

It continues:

"Currently single, Donie’s obsession with dance leaves her little room for finding a partner off the floor."

The upcoming Dancing Queens contestant was a student at Southern Methodist University from 1996 to 1999 in Dallas, Texas. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Dance Performance, followed by her time in Rome during her graduating year in the summer, where she was a part of a Study Abroad Program and studied Art History and Italian Cinema.

She then moved to New York to pursue a career in dancing and attended Parson’s School of Design, where she studied retail mathematics.

The upcoming Bravo star started her career working at Neiman Marcus, followed by her time at Stanley Korshak and Bergdorf Goodman, Bluefly.com, Uniqlo Design Studio, and Tootsies before joining the Broadway Dance Center as a retail director in 2014. She also works as a business manager at TruAccess Networks.

The upcoming Dancing Queens cast member opened up about her love for dancing while in conversation with Dance With Me USA in 2017 and stated that dancing makes her feel like she’s truly living her “fullest life.” At the time, she was taking ballroom dance lessons at the dance studio and challenging herself and her body while fulfilling her love for performance and self-expression.

Donie said:

"I have a lot of responsibilities in life. None of them compare to the feeling that I have on the dance floor, in the dance studio. I feel like when I achieve something in dance, my personality is at its fullest, and that’s showcasing the real me."

Bravo's Dancing Queens will feature six women compete in the Pro-Ams

The show is set to follow six “bold and talented women” as they prepare to go up against each other in ballroom competitions all over the country.

The press release states:

"Pro-Am combines amateur dancers competing with professional partners. These highly skilled amateur dancers spend tens of thousands of dollars on their hair, makeup and outfits, plus the expenses for their professional partners to practice, travel and compete."

Set to appear in the show alongside Donie and Iliah are:

  1. Gaëlle Benchetrit with Nino Langella
  2. Leonie Biggs with Kostiantyn “Koysta” Samarskyi
  3. Pooja Mehta with Kristijan Burazer
  4. Colette Marotto with Oleksiy “Alex” Pigotskyy
  5. Sabrina Strasser with Stanislav Kochergin

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9, at 9 pm ET to watch the season premiere of Dancing Queens on Bravo.

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