"Outrageous": Dancing Queens fans shocked as Donie fails to win against Sabrina

Is Donie being judged for not being thin? (Images via Bravo)
Is Donie being judged for not being thin? (Images via Bravo)

We are just four episodes into Bravo's Dancing Queens and the competition is getting more intense by the second. The girls once again gathered together in the New Orleans Latin dance competition, where Sabrina placed first. This was shocking, as Sabrina bumped into two people in two different rounds and her flow with her dance partner Stanislav Kochergin was also off, given that they did not practice at all in the last week as the latter was out of town.

Donie, who had the smoothest moves and had even changed her style a bit for the competition, was ranked 4. Everyone was shocked by this, and Donie even mentioned that Sabrina had intentionally tried to sabotage her by bumping into her during the performance.

As said by Leonie, Donie does not have the traditional body type for people who usually do Latin dancing. She admitted that she sometimes gets judged for the same and was worried that it could impact her performance on stage.

Dancing Queens fans could not believe that the judges would place an excellent dancer like Donie in the fourth place, and wondered if it was because of her looks.

Dancing Queens fans wonder why the judges let Sabrina win

Sabrina used to compete in group A of the competition and this was just her second time in group B. She was constantly seen fighting with her dance partner while practicing and yet managed to win the trophy.

Donie, meanwhile, felt that if the girls just wore a black top and jeans, instead of the glamorous dresses, she would have definitely won.

Dancing Queens fans agreed with her as they also thought that Sabrina did not deserve the first position and that Donie was the best performer on stage.

Donie gained a lot of weight after her father's death

After Donie's father passed away due to Covid, she gained a lot of weight and lost control over herself. She also felt bad when she was beaten by a girl who started Latin dancing two years ago, when she herself held a college degree for the same.

Donie even changed her look in the New Orleans competition but felt restricted in her upper body with her new tight dress. She even mentioned that her dad would be "proud" of her for trying to change something in her performances and revealed that she was planning to wear a new dazzling dress in the Atlanta competition.

Donie's friend said that she blew away the audience and if the votes were up to them, she would have definitely won. Donie agreed with her but and not want to stop dancing just because of her physical features.

Dancing Queens airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET.

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