GOT7 comeback: BamBam tweets major hint, reports reveal May 2022 release

Reports reveal GOT7 reuniting for a group release in May 2022 (Image via Manny Carabel/Getty Images)
Reports reveal GOT7 reuniting for a group release in May 2022 (Image via Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

On April 22, in a surprising and unexpected reveal, a local South Korean news outlet reported that a full-group GOT7 comeback will take place next month. After a year-long wait, the news is a sweet surprise to fans who have been speculating about a potential future release.

The exact dates for the GOT7 comeback haven't been revealed yet. However, before fans could take the news as just another hint, hawk-eyed Ahgases noticed that Mr. Spoiler, BamBam, had liked a tweet by a publication that reported the same.

Reports reveal a full-group GOT7 comeback in May 2022

GOT7 is set to make a full comeback in May (Image via The Chosunilbo JNS/Getty Images)
GOT7 is set to make a full comeback in May (Image via The Chosunilbo JNS/Getty Images)

“We will sing for you for the rest of the days,” sang GOT7 in their last group release, Encore, which served as a farewell gift for Ahgases. After more than a year between speculations of the group reuniting and many comeback hints, the seven-member multi-talented group will finally return with a new group album.

According to an April 22 report by Joysnews24, a local Korean news outlet, several industry officials have stated that the GOT7 members will make a thrilling return to the K-pop industry as a full group in May. It was also reported that they had finished recording songs.

Thai rapper BamBam seems to have confirmed the reports with a simple tweet mentioning the number seven without any other information. The tweet currently has 172k likes and 12.6k quote retweets.

He even liked a major news publication's report, further sending fans into a frenzy with the hope that a GOT7 comeback involving the entire group might indeed be true.

"GOT7" and "MAY COMEBACK" trend as Ahgases react to news of the group's comeback

GOT7 terminated their contract with agency JYP Entertainment in January last year. The seven members of the group, namely JAY B, Mark Tuan, Jinyoung, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom, have since signed with other agencies and have been busy with solo activities.

However, they've always promised fans that they will continue as a group and will return. After multiple hints from multiple members regarding the group's comeback, the news about them releasing an album in May has created waves across the K-pop fandom.

📈 GOT7-related TrendsGOT7: 480K Tweets#GOT7Comeback: 88.9K TweetsMAY COMEBACK: 77.3K TweetsGOT7 IS COMING BACK: 5,411 Tweets#GOT7FOREVER: 33.2K TweetsAhgases: 6,619 Tweets7 OR NEVER: 1,267 Tweets—@GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐
youngjae: fighting, till may!bambam: may-juneyoungjae LAST NIGHT: pay careful attention to the lyrics of Never Ever the first line: "You waited so long, I’m so sorry. Now I made up my mind, are you ready?"AND NOW GOT7 COMEBACK ON MAY IM SCREAMING IM CRYING
" you know the comeback is happening when two members come back to korea " – bambam " got7 will reportedly is making a full group comeback in may" 😭😭
all members of GOT7 are now back in south korea and I will never sleep again cuz I am afraid to miss the ot7 live guysssss just imagine we asking about their comeback and the members saying NO BAMBAM DON’T SPEAK and laughing together 🥲💚
Youngjae posted a photo of him in a studio with boytoy now Yugyeom and Bambam in practice room waiting for jaebeom. GOT7 comeback it is.
Bambam: "we will comeback so be ready guys", "we're done recording the songs for the cb", etc.GOT6: *denying all Bam's spoilers*Update: "GOT7 reportedly will make a full group comeback in May"Bambam rn:
🐥bambam said when he was on thailand, got7 have comeback, new ahgabong design and that you guys are preparing, did you know he spoiled it?🌴 what do you think?🍑 about bambam? i really don't know..🌴 ohh like his acting?🍑 like, is there really a (comeback) ...?
bambam trying not to spoil anything from got7 comeback be like:
BamBam spoilers > JayB CEO > YugBam with JAYB at dance studio > Jus2 and JJP copyrights ownership > JJP on radio > GOT7 comebackWe've been on chaos for consecutive days already and I can't calm down 😭😭😭😭😭
GOT7 is comeback soon yeah i want main vocalist Bambam is back too!!!

Ahgases thanked BamBam, who Jackson Wang called Mr. Spoiler, for revealing the numerous things that they have in store for fans.

The hints for possible GOT7 comeback range from an all-new Ahgabong (lightstick) design to them practicing choreography in a studio with mirror selfies to even revealing that they have finished recording all the songs. All these spoilers were given by the member in the past week itself.

It now remains to be seen which of the spoilers will turn out to be true when GOT7 start their album promotions.

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