GOT7 comeback is near: New logo teaser and social media accounts unveiled

GOT7 dropped a full group comeback hint (Image via GOT7Official/Twitter)
GOT7 dropped a full group comeback hint (Image via GOT7Official/Twitter)

GOT7 comeback is finally near. The five words that Ahgases waited to hear for over a year have now turned into a reality as the seven-member group opened new official social media accounts and dropped a logo teaser on May 6, 2022.

#GOT7 took over the top ranks on worldwide Twitter trends with 359.3k tweets at the time of writing, within just three hours of the logo release. The self-producing group is managed by Warner Bros Korea currently, while each member has a different agency that manages them.

The Encore group opened their new accounts with their greeting, โ€œCome and get it,โ€ and a wave of nostalgia struck fans.

GOT7 comeback: K-pop group opens new media account, hint at full group comeback

K-pop group GOT7 has finally teased their full group comeback. The group consists of JAY B, Mark Tuan, Park Jin-young, Choi Young-jae, Jackson Wang, Yugyeom, and BamBam. The members have been active for the past year and a half with solo activities since leaving JYP Entertainment last January.

On May 6, Mark Tuan shared a post from GOT7โ€™s newly made Instagram account on his story. The post was a new logo announcement for the group, who will be releasing their first musical release as seven members in more than a year. A three-dimensional star transforms into a sharp โ€˜G,โ€™ which transforms into the Last Piece groupโ€™s name.

Moreover, GOT7 went back to its roots and opened the Instagram account by first posting its introductory greeting, โ€œCome and get it.โ€

JAY B, BamBam, Yugyeom, and Choi Young-jae also posted the logo on their Instagram feed at the time of writing. BamBam, the Mr. Spoiler, even captioned it as โ€œWeโ€™re back.โ€

Fan reactions to logo teaser

Ahgases are ecstatic with the logo teaser, despite it not giving away any hint of a future release. However, it is enough to indicate a new era for the group. While surprising, some fans expected teasers to be released soon as there have been multiple recent spoilers from members about a GOT7 comeback.

The biggest spoiler was when foreign members Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan returned to South Korea. All members reuniting in South Korea raised speculations about the group filming promotions and content for the upcoming release.

Antis: Got7 disbanded their never coming back.Got7 this morning: #GOT7 #GOT7isourname #GOT7FOREVER
GOT7 COMEBACK IS HAPPENING!!new ahgases, other fandoms, antis, etcโ€ฆ get to know the members!!#GOT7 #GOT7isourname #GOT7FOREVER

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Ahgases will have a roller-coaster ride waiting for the GOT7 comeback.

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