H1-Key has global plans, as the group joins hands with Sony Music Korea

H1-Key will make their debut on January 5. (Image via Instagram/@H1key)
H1-Key will make their debut on January 5. (Image via Instagram/@H1key)

GLG’s newest girl group H1-Key recently announced a partnership with international giant Sony Music Entertainment Korea, sending fans into a tizzy.

On January 2, the agency GLG announced an official partnership between H1-Key and Sony Music, in order to market the girl group internationally. GLG also announced the official date of the group’s debut in South Korea, which is January 5.

H1-Key joins hands with Sony Music Entertainment Korea

In an official statement, GLG said:

"We recently signed a partnership contract with Sony Music.
Our Artist H1-KEY who are about to make their debut in South Korea on January 5 will enter overseas music markets with full support from Sony Music."

All about H1-Key

Managed by Grandline Entertainment (GRDL), a sub-label of Grandline Group, H1-Key is a four member girl group which was announced on November 18, 2021. Two days later, the group’s official social media handles were created and GLG began introducing the four members of H1-Key, starting with the youngest member, Yel on November 23.

Apart from the rapper and vocalist Yel, H1-Key includes Seoi, Riina and Sitala. While the first three members belong to South Korea, Sitala hails from Thailand.

While H1-Key’s announcement had originally created a lot of buzz, and many K-Pop fans were looking forward to it, the group got a significant amount of negative press soon after. It was revealed that the Thai member, Sitala had connections with the dictatorship in Thailand which were then made public.

Sitala’s late father, the actor Sarunyu Wongkrachang, was allegedly one of the key orchestrators of the 2014 coup, which removed the Thai democratic government and put the nation under military dictatorship. Given her contentious connections, several Thai fans asked for Sitala’s removal, and South Korean fans soon joined in, in solidarity.

Despite the opposition, however, GLG stood by their idol, issuing an official statement in Sitala’s support, while distancing her from the turmoil in her home country.

Now it appears that H1-Key is all set to take the next step, and enter the overseas market.

Meanwhile, H1-Key is gearing up for their debut single, Athletic Girl, which is set to drop on January 5, 6 pm KST. On December 23, the group released their first set of concept photos, with each member wearing black and white.