Hailey Bieber addresses claims that she was "rude" to Addison Rae in a new episode of the latter's podcast

Hailey Bieber responds to upset fans claiming she was "rude" to Addison Rae (Image via YouTube)
Hailey Bieber responds to upset fans claiming she was "rude" to Addison Rae (Image via YouTube)

Hailey Bieber recently guest-starred on Addison Rae's podcast "That Was Fun?" that aired on June 24th to defend herself against claims of fans calling her "rude."

Following her career as a supermodel, 24-year-old Hailey Bieber (formerly Baldwin) started a YouTube channel that has now amassed over a million subscribers. The channel features a popular series called "Who's In My Bathroom?" where Bieber hosts guests to chat, play games, and cook food.

In an episode titled, "Addison Rae & Hailey Rhode Bieber make sandwiches & play Shoot or Truth," Bieber spurred controversy after fans called her out for being a bad listener. During the episode, Rae detailed what transpired between Bryce Hall and her that led to their breakup. The duo also made ice cream sundaes while chatting.

However, as Rae spoke, fans noticed that Bieber was more interested in concocting her dessert than hearing what the TikToker had to say. It was jarring enough for many to take note.


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Hailey Bieber explains herself

In an episode that aired on June 24th, Rae featured Bieber in her podcast called "That Was Fun?" The two discussed relationships, fan controversy, and Bieber's alleged rudeness to Rae in the former's YouTube video.

Bieber began by explaining why she didn't seem overly attentive to Rae's rant while making dessert. She said:

"I never want someone to come on 'Who's In My Bathroom?' and feel like I'm trying to pry information out of them or like get them to talk about a subject that could potentially be sensitive or uncomfortable for them."

She then continued by claiming she did not care what fans thought of her attitude but was rather concerned about what Rae felt from their interaction.

However, many noted that Bieber only apologized, given that Addison is a well-known celebrity. Furthermore, many on TikTok claimed they met the supermodel in person, only to be met with sheer rudeness.

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Fans share their thoughts on the episode

Fans of the podcast took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the show and remind Rae that they didn't want to watch the episode because of the guest.

Some fans were definitely not happy to see Bieber trying to explain herself on the podcast. Meanwhile, others expressed joy at seeing this episode.

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