Han So-hee is “very worried” about starring in Gyeongseong Creature

Han So-hee will be seen against Park Seo-joon in Gyeongseong Creature (Image via Disney Plus Korea/Instagram)
Han So-hee will be seen against Park Seo-joon in Gyeongseong Creature (Image via Disney Plus Korea/Instagram)
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K-drama lovers have been eagerly looking forward to Han So-hee and Park Seo-joon's chemistry in the historical drama Gyeongseong Creature, which is currently being filmed.

The show will be the first time the two stars will share the screen, much to the delight of their fans who have always wanted to see them together in a drama. But Han So-hee is extremely nervous about starring in the upcoming show.

The prospect of leading a historical drama

Though the actress has starred in a historical series in the past i.e., the popular TVN show 100 Days My Prince, it was in a supporting role.

Gyeongseong Creature will mark the first time that the responsibility of leading such a show will fall on her shoulders and she is understandably tense about it, as she shared in an interview with Star News (translated via Soompi):

“Aside from 100 Days My Prince, it is my first time doing a historical drama, so I’m very worried, but I’m preparing with a good nervousness. It’s really an honor to make this project with such good seniors, and I am trying not to be lacking so that I can create good synergy within it.”

She added:

“In particular, I am trying to broaden my perspective so my existence can harmonize well without awkwardness in unfamiliar situations in terms of clothing, manner of speech, and background.”

Gyeongseong Creature, set in 1945, will see Han So-hee’s character Yoon Chae-ok, a detective of sorts who conducts investigations to look for missing people.

It remains to be seen how she will cross paths with Park Seo-joon’s character, but the chances of him being her knight in shining armor are less as Chae-ok is described as a badass warrior who is exceptional at wielding weapons.

Han So-hee wants to be challenged by every role

Elsewhere in the interview, Han So-hee talked about how she prefers to pick roles that are challenging, the latest examples being her hit shows Nevertheless and My Name. She shared that she wants to:

“Show different sides of myself apart from my preexisting image.”

The last two dramas she starred in were “turning points” in her career, according to her, and she is glad that they were liked by the general audience.

The actress will soon be seen in yet another different role — as Lee Eun-soo in the upcoming drama Soundtrack #1, wherein she plays an aspiring lyricist who discovers that she has feelings for her best friend.

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