"He was extremely tired": Aaron Carter death certificate details explored as manager provides update on singer's health before his demise

Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter's manager revealed how he was doing before his death (Image via Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Singer and songwriter Aaron Carter passed away a few days ago, and new details about his health condition before his demise have recently come to light.

While speaking to Page Six on Thursday, Carter’s manager Taylor Helgeson recounted the last time he met the artist, saying:

"“He looked thin. He was extremely tired."

Taylor added that Carter looked like he needed to be taken care of.


Helgeson further said that despite being physically unfit, Carter was excited about his upcoming projects, which also included a new album. He continued:

“He was very conscious of what people wanted to see from him. We had so much stuff going on and, you know, Aaron was a really prideful guy in his own right, too.”

Talking about Aaron’s upcoming projects, Taylor disclosed that there are no plans to release his music, but he will work to ensure that it reaches the correct place to get financial help for the late star’s son at the right time.

Aaron Carter’s death certificate says that he has been cremated

Aaron Carter's death certificate unveiled that his mother was first informed about his death (Image via Carvalho/Getty Images)
Aaron Carter's death certificate unveiled that his mother was first informed about his death (Image via Carvalho/Getty Images)

On November 16, TMZ was able to acquire Aaron Carter’s death certificate, which revealed that the singer was cremated. According to legal documents, Aaron’s ashes will be given to his sister Angel. The document also listed Carter's mother, Jane Carter, as being the first person who was informed of his passing.

Aaron’s cause of death has still not been revealed, but authorities reportedly discovered several cans of compressed air along with bottles of prescription pills, on the spot.

Carter was found dead in his bathtub after the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department received a call for help at his house in California. Law enforcement officials said that his body was first found by a house sitter who immediately called the authorities.


His management team slammed publisher Ballast Books for planning to release an unfinished memoir about Carter following his death. Aaron’s team also spoke to E! News and described the book as “obscenely disrespectful and unauthorized.” They said:

“This is a time for mourning and reflection not heartless money grabs and attention seeking.”

Ballast Books has already delayed the release of the memoir and in a statement shared with The Hollywood Reporter, they said that beyond being a celebrity, Aaron Carter was also a father, brother, son, and friend to many still grieving for him.

Aaron Carter was popular for his four studio albums

Aaron Carter started performing when he was seven years old and released his self-titled debut album when he was nine. He then released his second album, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), in 2000.

Carter released his next album, Oh Aaron, in 2002 followed by his last studio album, Another Earthquake! the same year. He participated in Dancing with the Stars and appeared in two Broadway musicals – Seussical and The Fantasticks.


Aaron released a single, Ooh Wee, in 2014 which also featured rapper Pat SoLo. His fifth album, Love, was released in 2018 followed by his final album before his death, Blacklisted, in November 2022.

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