GOT7’s JAY B teases 2nd album release with a hidden schedule

GOT7's JAY B teases new album, Be Yourself (Image via Instagram/

GOT7’s JAY B will be back sooner than fans had anticipated. The leader surprise-dropped a teaser video announcing his second EP album, Be Yourself. It is all set for release next month on September 21. Be Yourself will be the 28-year-old singer-songwriter’s first album under his new agency, CDNZA Records. The artist left Jay Park’s H1GHR MUSIC on July 25 this year, after signing with them in May last year.

The video teaser of the song shows a smartphone UI with an iridescent gradient wallpaper. The date and time seen on the phone is Thursday, August 29, 01:06 am--which is the exact time the teaser was released.

Once the phone is unlocked, the calendar app pops up. The calendar stays open for a few seconds for people to observe the tiny dots marked on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in KST. These markers indicate that new content regarding the upcoming album will be released on those days.

The teaser ends on September 21’s task which states the title and release time of the upcoming album, i.e., Be Yourself at 6:00 pm KST.

GOT7’s JAY B announces album comeback just 5 days after new single Rocking Chair

GOT7’s leader JAY B is a workaholic. After leaving JYP Entertainment with the other group members in January 2021, he worked on getting the trademarks and patents for GOT7, while securing multiple collaborations and a solo debut with H1GHR MUSIC, and took charge of the group's comeback promotions as the adept leader. Now, his second EP under a new agency is also on its way, and the leader of the former K-pop powerhouse has managed to achieve all these in a span of two years.

The Be Yourself teaser was an unexpected announcement for fans, mainly because a few days ago, on August 23, the GOT7 leader released his solo single Rocking Chair. An album announcement this soon was the last thing on his fans’ minds.


The reactions to Be Yourself were nothing short of amazing. Many Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) commented that they will hopefully get to witness JAY B appear on variety shows, possibly with fellow members, for comeback promotions again. They responded with multiple memes showcasing their excitement and even mentioned that they were ready to open up their wallets for him.

JAY B talks about merging idol life with his hip-hop, R&B, and b-boy roots

The Switch it Up singer was a popular and passionate b-boy before debuting as a K-pop idol. A few other members, alongside JAY B, who were great at merging acrobatics in their choreography, transformed GOT7 into a force to be reckoned with because of their skills. The artist has also been active as Def., his hip hop persona, and of course, as the idol JAY B.

In a past interview with VOGUE, the singer spoke about the clash between his hip-hop and idol personalities. He shared,

“I got started with music after I started liking D’Angelo. That’s why there was a period of confusion after I began my life as an idol. If hip hop clashed with being an idol, there was even a time when I thought I was more on the hip hop side.”

However, as the years passed, things became clearer. The artist now sees no reason to divide himself into two, but rather to create good music, despite which label they fall under. He said,

“Of course, this was in the past. Now, I don’t think there’s a reason to separate the two or pick one over the other. Instead, I think the fact that I like that culture is important, and living my own life is important. More than anything, I came to think that making ‘good music’ is most important.”

In other news, the 28-year-old GOT7 leader recently confirmed being in a relationship with popular YouTuber PURE.D.

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