4 things to know about Jay B's girlfriend PURE.D

JAY B and PURE.D (Images via @jaybnow.hr/Instagram and @pure.ddd/Instagram)
JAY B and PURE.D (Images via @jaybnow.hr/Instagram and @pure.ddd/Instagram)

On July 7, 2022, it was revealed that GOT7 and H1GHR MUSIC’s Jay B has been dating YouTuber PURE.D for over nine months. Although the news was initially broken by an unreliable source like Wikitree, where information can be easily edited, PURE.D’s agency confirmed the story and said that the couple had been dating each other cautiously.

The news came both as a shock and surprise to Aghases, GOT7’s fandom. Fans were happy for the couple, but at the same time they were curious to learn more about the girl who has won Jay B’s heart.

JAY B’s girlfriend PURE.D has a successful YouTube channel with over 490k subscribers, and other cool facts

Fans may already know that PURE.D or Kim Do-hyun met Jay B through a friend and they hit it off. Born in 1992, she is currently 29 years old, which makes her about two years older than Jay B who was born in 1994. However, there are many more interesting things to know about her.

1) She is a SFX artist

Kim Do-hyun is a special effects or SFX artist who creates hyper-realistic make-up effects. Her skills have helped her bag amazing opportunities with various magazines and television productions.

She transformed herself into a Water Nymph for Pap Magazine, and made a special wooden doll SFX for Zior Park. She has recreated several SFX looks based on characters from It and Guardians of the Galaxy. She has also reproduced a zombie look from All of Us are Dead.

2) Solarsido fame

The YouTuber featured on MAMAMOO Solar’s YouTube channel called Solarsido for a Halloween collaboration. She helped Solar learn the special effects make-up skills required to transform into a scary clown.

Solar thanked Kim Do-hyun on her channel for her professionalism and thorough preparation for the video. After the release of the video on Solar’s channel, Kim went viral on Twitter. The video currently has over 260k views.

3) YouTube channel with more than 490k subscribers


Kim Do-hyun doesn’t just feature on other artists’ YouTube channels, she has one of her own called PURE.D퓨아디. On the channel, she does cosplay make-up, SFX make-up, and various make-up tutorials.

She can transform herself into real-life people and characters as well as creatures like the ones from the K-drama Sweet Home. Apart from her special effects work inspired by television media, she also has a content series titled Cruel Fairy Tale Make-up where she turns herself into a scary version of fairy-tale protagonists.

While the majority of her content revolves around horror and thriller concepts, she often doles out beauty and fashion tips. The channel sits at 491k subscribers as of writing.

4) She is a beauty influencer


A beauty guru who loves innovating with make-up, she has many videos on her YouTube channel where she shares make-up and beauty tricks. Apart from YouTube, she is also active on Instagram.

Her Instagram account, pure.ddd, has over 251k followers. She uploads videos and pictures of her work with SFX and provides fashion and styling ideas to her followers.

Congratulations to the couple are in order as they seem very happy together. Aghases can breathe a sigh of relief as the GOT7 leader is dating such a talented and wonderful person.

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